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Tomáš' Accident...

  • Our Friend Tomáš Soukup (the soul of the IBO Coordinating Center, in Prague) had a serious accident on Friday 26 February.
    According to the latest news, Tomáš went through the surgery of first and second vertebrae successfully but he is still unconscious.
    We all are hoping for the best...
              (March 8, 2016)
  • Unfortunately we have no real good news about Tomáš. His pneumonia is healed, he was moved to another hospital specialized for long-term care for neurological patients... They are starting to stop with the artificial ventilation, Tomáš' body seems to function quite well; but with his mind it is worse... There is slight indication of slow recovery on CT scan, but neurologists are still pessimistic.
              (March 21, 2016)
  • Jan Černý gives some update: I visited Tomáš in the hospital yesterday and I have no really good news. Tom is still not responding, more or less vegetative, with very slow progress. It is just five weeks from the accident and time is running extremely quickly - every week without change is a bad news. We all are still optimistic, even neurologists claim, that miracles seldom happen, even in similar patients.
              (April 2, 2016)
  • No real improvement yet... Unfortunately
              (April 15, 2016) (same situation on May 2...)
  • Maybe an improvement! Jan Černý visited Tomáš on May 25...
         Dear IBO friends,
    I've just visited Tomáš in the hospital and have moderately good news. Tomáš is now located at the best place with intense long-term care for patients with neurological injuries [...]. I met Tomáš [...] in a good physical state overall and relaxed. He had open eyes with glimpses of humanity behind - quite a difference from the situation a month ago. He followed with his eyes our faces, slightly reacted to touches, voices, especially of his dog barking :-)  It was obvious, how tired he was from the visit; just after he fell into deep sleep. Helena - Tomáš' wife - was there too, and she claimed that I was lucky to see Tomáš in his best from the injury, being herself surprised with the condition. 
         Jan        (May 27, 2016)
  • No real improvement again...
              (June 20, 2016)
  • Fluctuating condition... no clear trend...
              (July 10, 2016)


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