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Republican Biology Olympiad


Only official letter and email is sent to local educational departments

Logo and posters are not available


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The Ministry of education sends information (dates of exams and rounds)  on October to local educational departments of regions and it is a responsibility of local departments to inform and promote their schools.

Organizer: Ministry of Education and Azerbaijan Pedogogical University

Rounds: 4 rounds-School competition(November),Regional exam(December),Province exam(competition among regions)(January) and final republican tour(March) .Months are fixed but dates of rounds change every year.

All the schools and students can participate but statistics show that city schools are mostly involved and there are lots of  participating students who want to apply for medical science in the future.

Final exam is held in a Chemistry/Biology School in the capital city.It consists of one theoretical exam(first day of competition).The second day is the marking and there are some social activities for participants.The third day is the award ceremony in the conference center of Ministry of Education 


All rounds consist of  5 theoretical essay questions.Questions are produced buy teachers of  Azerbaijan Pedogogical University.First three rounds are held in local schools and final tour is held in Chemistry/Biology School in the capital city.


There is no special training for Republican olympiads.

For the IBO:Azerbaijan Pedogogical University and Baku State University are involved in trainings for IBO.

There is an olympiad camp in july(theo+practical).Students do the exams of previous IBOs and take the introductory lab course for two weeks.

University textbooks(Azeri and English),some notes of former olympiads participants and former IBO questions and NBO questions of different countries are available.Biology CDs and and animations are available relating the syllabus of IBO.

Students are awarded medals and certificates as usual.There are no money award in national competition but students are given some prizes like watch,DVD player etc.

IBO medalists can enter university without exam(but they can apply only for Biology)

gold medalists are awarded 2000 usd,silver 1500 usd,bronze 1000 usd. 

NBO results are given in the newspaper 'Teacher of Azerbaijan' every year just after the award ceremony and the newspaper is sent to all local educational departments.National TVs show the award ceremony of NBO.

Three or four national TVs meet the IBO team just in the airport and take interviews about the Olympiad and ask participants experiences 

All the financial support comes from The Government of Azerbaijan.Chag Educational Company helps in organizing the competition .

The main organizer in all cases is the Ministry of Education.

1.Only students of 9th,10th and 11th grades can participate in Republican Olympiad

2.There can be 1 gold,2 silver,3bronze medalists for each grade in the final tour.

3.Only students who participated in the final tour are invited to take the final selection exam for the IBO of that year.

4.Maximum of 6 students are chosen for the final tour from every region.

5.10th and 11th grades can be asked questions relating the Biology topics of last years.

Assoc.Prof.Rashad Salimov

Baku, Badamdar Highway 40, AZ1004

Institute of Botany, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences

Statistics will be provided.




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