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Bangladesh Biology Olympiad (bdbo)

2012   (in English)

We collaborate with the other Olympiads (Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics and Informatics) to inform the high schools about the Olympiads. A letter is send out to the head of each high school. Our volunteers (called ‘enzymes’), mostly undergrad students, run the campaign by visiting schools. There are biological science outreach programs, like BioTalk, which is held as seminars in different educational institutes throughout the country all the year round. We also inform about bdbo through social media and emails. We also collaborate with national daily newspapers, both online and print, as well as TV channels, as our media partners to publish and broadcast news on bdbo activities. Information is also available on our website. A phone number acts as ‘hotline’ for anyone to call and know about bdbo.

Till now, we have been arranging a National Biology Olympiad (NBO) each year to select top students. It is usually held at any of the top universities in the capital city, Dhaka. There are three categories. Registration fees is BDT 200 (about $2.5) per student to participate in NBO. We hope to waive the fees in future when we will have a dedicated sponsor.

A round of theoretical exam is held by the first week of February. (We have plans to add another round when we get dedicated sponsor.) The test consists of Multiple Choice Questions. Academic team of bdbo, consisting of faculties from biological sciences and allied disciplines (e.g. medicine, agriculture etc) of different universities, make all exam questions. High school students in Bangladesh may participate in the NBO by registering during the month of January at registration booths spread all over the country. Our volunteers (called ‘enzymes’) also help students to register by opening temporary booths at schools with cooperation from the school authorities. Around 60-80 best students are chosen from a total of about thousand participants who would be invited to a 4 days residential training camp (called ‘National BioCamp’) at top universities or state-of-the-art research institute before the final round is held in the end of those days.

About 60-80 best students will get a 4 days training camp (called ‘National BioCamp’) at top universities or state-of-the-art research institute according to the syllabus of the IBO. The best 4 will be chosen from the camp through the cumulative result of a series of tests. The 4 winning students will get an additional 2-3 days practical training camp before going to IBO.

We have prepared some preliminary study materials for NBO and BioCamp but the work is still at its beginning. However, we recommend that students read former IBO papers, high-school textbooks, and university textbooks such as Campbell Biology.

Primarily selected students at NBO get certificate, medal and books as prizes. The highest scorer gets a special crest called ‘Champion of the Champions’. The 4 winning students will get a free trip to IBO. No specific access to University is linked to NBO.

We get media coverage from newspapers (both print and online), TV channels and social media.

Currently we don’t have any dedicated sponsor. The cost is borne from the registration fees, personal donations from philanthropists and partial sponsorship from private banks. We are hoping to get some private investors to sponsor the arrangement of NBO, purchasing lab equipment for student training and textbooks for theoretical learning and awards.

Appointing authority of bdbo to select and send national team to IBO. No financial support.

Not applicable.

2014: 60 schools participated.

2015: NBO is to be held on 5 February 2016.

from January to December.
minimum 0, maximum 6.

Dr. Saumitra Chakravarty

Department of Pathology, 5th Floor, Basic Science Building, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, Shahbag, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh. Tel: +880-1816-653-358.
Prof. Dr. Mohammad Shahidur Rashid Bhuiyan, Chairman, Bangladesh Biology Olympiad (bdbo), Office of the Pro Vice Chancellor, Sher-E-Bangla Agricultural University, Sher-E-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh. Tel: +880-1758-935-264.

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