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Belgium (Dutch-speaking)

Vlaamse Biologie Olympiade


One common poster for the Flemish Natural Sciences Olympiads (Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Geography)

The Natural Sciences Olympiads (Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Geography) are coordinated by a University Coordination centre (printed matter, inscriptions, sponsor hunting, website, markings, final rounds…)

Each section has his own organizing committee and working groups and takes independently care of his flyers, inscriptions and tests.

The Biology Olympiad is organized in three rounds. The pre-selection  takes place in January on line in the participating schools for a 2400 (in 2018) participants (six formers + a minority of the 5th year). The 200 best students are selected for a second round. 17 finalists are selected to follow a 4 day training during Easter holidays. They pass a final test, the 3th round,  in April. The 2 best of this final test are selected for the IBO.

- pre-selection (Jan.): 25 multiple choice questions/ 3 hours   

  (model questions available on the website)

- second round: students take a written test of different types of questions

- final test (April): theor. and practical test  + oral exam/1 day

4 days during Easter holidays at Universities. Covers topics which are not or poorly covered by school curricula

A general syllabus is published  by the organizing committee

Prizes  are  diplomas  and  science  books.

No  money,  no medals.

No  specific  access  to  anything  (university  or  so)  is linked to this ‘graduation’.

Limited  to  some  daily  newspapers.

The  result  of  the  NBO (laureates) is published in local newspapers.

Most  important support comes  from  the Ministry of Education of  the Flemish Community + some money  from  the Brussels Regional Government.

Limited private sponsoring.

Financial  support  for  organization  of  national  Olympiad  and participation to the International Biology Olympiad 

Flyer with general information, rules, procedure and content of the test is available in Dutch (see also website). 

- first round: 2700 participants: 200 candidates selected
- second round: 17 finalists selected
- third round: 2 laureates selected for IBO 
(detailed report on the 12th IBO Belgium July 8- 15, 2001)

from September to June.
minimum 1, maximum 2.

Marleen Van Strydonck

Te Boelaerlei 119/1 B-2140 Borgerhout Belgium

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Belgium (Dutch-speaking)
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