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China National Biology Olympiad (CNBO)

The first CNBO in 1992   (in Chinese)

At the annual conference of CNABT(Chins Association of Biology Teachers)

Selection carried out by National Competition Committee of School Biology (NCCSB), which is in collaboration with the China Association of Zoology and China Association of Botany. Each province have a branch of NCCSB.

The 1st round: China High School Biology Olympiad ( CHSBO), theory test;

The 2nd round: China National Biology Olympiad(CNBO)theory test and four practical tests of 1hr each;

The 3rd round: Biology Olympiad of Winter Camp: theory test and two or three practical tests of 2hr to 2.5hr each.

8 days of training focusing on lab skills beforethe departures to IBO.

General Biology textbook for college students.

70,000 Yuan (RMB), about US$10,000 per year of funding by national Science Foundation.

from September to July.
minimum 2 h/wk, maximum 5 h/wk.

Liu, Enshan

The College of Life Sciences, Beijing Normal University, Beijing 100875, P. R. China
China Zoological Society Da-tun road, ChaoYang District, Beijing, 100101 P. R. China
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