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Olimpiada Colombiana de Biologia OCB

2017   (in Spanish (Colombia))

  • ·         Schools and other education institutions are informed in January-February
  • ·         A brochure is sent via email, a poster is sent in regular mail and phone calls to the schools are made
  • ·         The information is sent by the Colombian Olympiads Office of the Antonio Nariño University


The main organizer is the Antonio Nariño University through the Colombian Olympiads office.

We have three rounds in our National Biology Olympiad (Olimpiada Colombiana de Biologia)

1st round - Students take the test at their schools

2nd round – Students take the tests in the different University campuses (unless the school is a remote area)

Final round - Four day round that takes place in the Bogotá campus of the Antonio Nariño University. 

Round 1: National competition: theoretical test with multiple choice answers.

Round 2: National competition: theoretical test with open answer questions.

Round 3: National competition: two day training in the capital followed by a two-part test designed over two days, one part is practical worth 40 points and the other is theoretical composed of three essay questions worth 60 points.


The Biology staff of the Colombian Olympiad office design the questions. 

Students prepare for the NBO at school and on their own time:

At home: 4 hours

At school: 2 hours


For the IBO students participate in a two-week special camp that consists of training 6 hours per day at the Antonio Nariño University

Books (i.e. Biology of Campbell), past IBO’s and problems created by our biologists.

Medals are given for the top places; the number depends on the scores. Prizes are given to the medal recipients plus two more students. Prizes are usually electronic devices.



The OCB is advertised extensively in the Antonio Nariño University’s website and in the different campuses throughout the nation. It was also advertised in our annual calendar, which we distribute to every school in the country at the beginning of the year.

The Antonio Nariño University financially supports the OCB in its totality


In the first year of the OCB, 3353 students from all over the country participated. 

from February to November.
minimum 2 hours per week, maximum 4 hours per week.

Elena Losada Falk

Cra 38 # 58a - 77 Bogotá Colombia
María Losada Falk Director of Colombian Olympiads Antonio Nariño University Cra 38 # 58ª – 77, Bogotá, Colombia

Images and files:

A poster with the dates of all our events is sent to all the schools at the beginning of the year. To advertise the OCB a logo was created. A brochure is printed every two years with an extensive description of each of the Olympiads we host.

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