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2005   (in Danish)

Announced at meetings for teachers, invitations by e-mail to all Danish secondary schools, information on webpage and facebook sites.

Invitations and information is sent by the Danish Biology Olympiad steering committee.

Inspiration workshops

Workshops offered preferably to students from schools that have not yet participated in NBO - the goal is to have more students participating in the first round (school test)


Theoretical test at the schools in October/November. 


The semifinal test (practical and theoretical in one day) with the 30 students that performed best in the school test is carried out in January at Aarhus University. 

Training for the 15 winners of the semifinal:

Three days of training by scientists from Natural History Museum, Copenhagen University and Aarhus University at The Science Center in Sorø.


The final test first round (practical test) for the 15 students take place at South Danish University, Odense

Training and second round of the Final:

Two days of training by former participants in IBO in April and theoretical test for 15 students.

Training for the 4 winners of the Final

Five days of practical and theoretical training at the University of Copenhagen and Danish Technical University, DTU, shortly before the IBO


The Danish Biology Olympiad is organized by the National Committee. 


The theoretical tests are precoded questions (mc, judging statements, filling out etc.) like the ones that they have in IBO. 

The practical tests are similar to IBO tests. 

The training sessions include a mix of theory and practical work in the lab.

Training is 8 days in all. 3 days between the semifinal and the final for the 15 students that performed best in the semifinal. 5 days in July for the 4 students that are going to participate in the International Biology Olympiad.

Lectures and practical work about topics relevant for IBO. Tests from former IBOs are available at the Danish NBO website.


School test and semifinal test – no special materials. 

During the training period and the final test the students have Campbell: Biology.

Campbell (e-book): Biology - for the 15 that performed best at the semifinal test. 

Informations are mainly distributed via electronic media.

Facebook group for all participants in NBO informing about the Biology Olympiad.

Four films about the NBO and the IBO 2010 are distributed on YouTube (Biologiolympiaden 2010). The films have also been broadcast in the national TV.

Articles about the NBO mostly appear in local newspapers and Universities homepages. is the public website

Ministry of Education and different companies and institutions are sponsoring with financial support.

Practical help (teachers, lab facilities etc) from Aarhus University, University of Southern Denmark, Danish Technical University and University of Copenhagen (Statens Naturhistoriske Museum).

Covering around 3/4 of the expenses 

Same as IBO rules.

2005 Schooltest: 350 Students Result: No medals in China 

2006 Schooltest: 450 Students Result: 1 bronze medal in Argentina 

2007 Schooltest: 500 Students Result: No medals in Canada 

2008 Schooltest: 800 Students Result: 1 silver medal in India 

2009 Schooltest: 1000 Students Result: No medals in Japan

2010 Schooltest: 1000 Students Result: 1 bronze medal in Korea

2011 Schooltest: 1000 students Result: 1 bronze medal in Taiwan

2012 Schooltest: 1000 students Result: 2 bronze medals and 2 certificates of merit in Singapore

2013 Schooltest: 1600 students Result: 3 bronze medals and 1 certificate of merit in Bern

2014 Schooltest: 2300 students Result: 3 bronze medals and 1 certificate of merit in Bali

2015 Schooltest: 1700 students Result: 2 bronze medals and 1 certificate of merit in Denmark

2016 Schooltest: 1880 students Result: 3 bronze medals and 1 certificate of merit in Hanoi

2017 Schooltest: 2000 students Result: 2 silver and 2 bronze medals in Warwick, UK

2018 Schooltest: 2430 students Result: 1 silver and 3 bronze medal in Tehran, Iran

from August to June.
minimum 4 hours/week for one year, maximum 5 hours/week for two years.

Kirsten Wøldike

Sevelskovbyvej 20 DK 7830 Vinderup Denmark

Images and files:

We produce letters for the schools and students distributed only by electronic media.

In 2005, 2009 and 2010 we have produced films about the Danish students participation in NBO and IBO.


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