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Egyptian Biology Olympiads


- Announce of the Olympiads to Schools and Ministry of Education On April

- Conduct Awareness Session in Schools and Science Centers about the Olympiad and How to join and what is needed from Students and teachers.

- Summer Campaign and camps for Students and teachers about the Olympiad

- IBO Logo is used in Email Campaign and Social media 

- Media News and T.V Interviews about the Olympiad


- Facebook Page:

· There are 4 rounds of EBO team selections:

o   First and second round were at the national level (theoretical tests), the best 25 students of the 2 rounds (There were 180 students participated in 2014 – 2015 academic year). The two rounds took place in December, 2015.

o   The third round of the best 15 students selected from the best 50 students of the 2nd round. This took place in February, 2016. (Theoretical exam).

o   The National Finals final round of the best 4 students selected from the best 15 students organised in the Nile University. This final rounds has theoretical and practical exams) in April, 2016.


·         Theoretical (Multiple choice, true & false and oral) and practical tests (for the fourth round).

·         Exams questions from lectures, researchers, teachers and previous IBO exams selected by the Egyptian Olympiad Committee members.


The 4 best students selected from the national compaction receive training as follow:

At Special training camp        4 Days

·         University labs:         10 Days

·  Materials that help students to score better in the National and International Olympiad:

o   University textbooks.

o   Syllabus of lectures.

o   Past IBO’s tests.

Egyptian Biology Olympiads Winners Awards:



Scholarship from Universities

Internship and Summer Training Awards


Media and T.V Channels are invited to attend the National Finals in Egypt to interview students, judges and Committee

Our Annual events usually covered by more than 10 News Agencies and 5 T.V Channels live during the event and following by 5 T.V Channels Studio Interviews.

National Organizer: Program Management, Human Resources, Technical committee, Exams, training, national finals and traveling Organization and Technical team

Nile University: Host National finals, Labs

National Science Center: Labs and Trainers

Alfi Foundation: Sponsor for the Biology Olympiads in Egypt including Air tickets or winners, fees, national finals main sponsor , training and exams costs


Ministry of Education provide the Auspices for National Olympiads 

Attend National finals and present awards

Support students in paper work needed with their schools to join National Olympiads

Award Winners at international level



Following All the IBO Rules

from September to June.

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