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Estonian Biology Olympiad (Eesti Bioloogiaolümpiaad - EBO)

1961   (in Estonian)

No posters; leaflets for schools

NBO is organized by the Science School of the University of Tartu in

collaboration with the Ministry of Science and Education. Jury

members (8-12 members) are from the University of Tartu.

There are three rounds in the NBO:

School round is held in December, questions (theory only) are

formulated and event is organized by teachers in place.

Regional round is held in February, questions (theory only) are

provided by Jury but all events are organized by the teachers and

local administrators of the Ministry.

Final round is held in April, questions are provided by Jury and all

activities are organized by Jury. Teachers are not involved. There

are competitions for 50 students in two days. First day is for practical

works and second day is for theory.

·     In round 1 – only theory questions

·     In round 2 – only theory questions (multiple choice)

·     In round 3 – theory questions (multiple choice) + 4 practical tasks

·     Questions for round 1 – produced by teachers in place

·     Questions for rounds 2 & 3 – produced by the members of the National Olympiad jury  (of the University of Tartu)

·     Taking tests in round 1 & 2 (School and Regional round) – in schools

Taking tests in round 3 (Final/National Level round) -  at the University of Tartu

at home


at school


special training camp


Bio summer camp


University (for the IBO competitors)

7 – 10 days


7 – 10 days

High school textbooks


Special designed NBO syllabus


University textbooks (Campbell, etc)


Syllabus of lecturers


Web based courses


Tests (former IBO’s and NBO’s)


medals and certificates


free entrance to university


science books


PC, DVD player, camera, microscope


Results of the Final Round (Round 3) are published in newspapers and life science journals


Type of sponsoring

Min of Educ.

Providing an annual budget for the Science School at the University of Tartu for the BioOlympiad

Biotech companies

Providing the materials needed in the practical tasks and financial resources for the awards

Popular science journals

Contributing financially to the awards

Min of Educ.

Providing an annual budget for the Science School at the University of Tartu for the BioOlympiad

No special rules

The information is provided for the National Level (Final/Round 3)  


Number of schools

Number of students


Around 40

Around 50


Around 40

Around 50


Around 40

Around 50


Around 40

Around 60


Around 40


from September to June.
minimum 2, maximum 2.

sulev kuuse

- Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, University of Tartu - Riia 23, Tartu, Estonia
- The Science School of the University of Tartu ( - Tähe 4, Tartu, Estonia - Dr. Viire Sepp (; +372 737 5890)
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