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Kansallinen biologiakilpailu


Through the website of The Association of Biology and Geography Teachers in Finland (BMOL), Advertisement in a special magazine (called Natura) for teachers of biology and geography. A poster promoting the competition is sent annually to all upper secondary schools in Finland (in both official languages, Finnish and Swedish). From 2016 onwards the poster will be provided in a digital format for use in computerized information channels. The Committee of National Biology Olympiad in Finland is responsible for promoting the event.

All upper secondary schools in Finland follow the national curriculum and thus all students in upper secondary schools are eligible to take part in the competition. However, the top-scoring students may enter the training group only if they meet the following criteria: they are under 20 years old at the time of the IBO and they do not graduate from the upper secondary school before the year they are supposed to take part in IBO. All biology teachers of upper secondary schools are encouraged to enroll their students in the National Competition through the promotion channels listed above. Taking part in the competition is free of cost to schools. The first and only round of The National Competition for schools takes place in April. Tasks are sent from BMOL to every participating school. The biology teacher of the participating school makes the arrangements for the competition for her/his students. The competition is held at the same time countrywide. The student answer sheets are sent to BMOL for final rating and 10 students with the highest scores are given the opportunity to take part in a training group from which the participants for the International Biology Olympiad are selected. The training group will be offered - free of cost - two training periods (one in fall, one in spring) at the University of Helsinki. At the end of training there is a final test on grounds of which the Finnish team is selected.

The National Competition is comprised of twenty introductions into various biological themes or pieces of research each followed by four true-or-false statements. The Committee of National Biology Olympiad in Finland (a subcommittee of the BMOL) is in charge of composing the tasks. The National Competition is organized in April.

The students for IBO training are selected based on their success in the National Biology Competition. Before the training, in May/June, Campbell´s Biology has been sent to the students qualified for training by the Office of BMOL. The aim is to familiarize the students with English terms and biological issues. To help the students getting started they also receive some tasks (questions) in Finnish from the text of Campbell (between the first and the second training week). These tasks are made again by The Committee of National Biology Olympiad in Finland. The first training week (5 days) is organized in August in cooperation with Aalto University. The training consists of laboratory work, planning and doing a small research task, and laboratory visits. The second training week (5 days) is arranged in April; 4 days for lectures, laboratory exercises and a day for a final exam. The students participating in IBO are selected based on the final exam.

Mainly Campbell et al, lectures, handouts made by teachers responsible of training.

An Honorary Diploma is awarded for the 10 students qualified for training. No financial or material prizes are given. University faculties may choose to take the competition into account in their selection process and grant top-scoring students entry to university without an entrance exam, but BMOL is not involved in their policy making process in any way.

After the team for the International Biology Olympiad has been selected, a statement is sent to the press and the schools by the Office of BMOL. After IBO, in July a press release regarding the Olympiad is sent to the press. The Committee of National Biology Olympiad in Finland is in charge of all public relations. The press releases have frequently been published by local newspapers.

Ministry of Education gives the money through The Finnish National Board of Education (FNBE) to BMOL, which is then in charge of all costs. This is the only financial support the National Competition, the training group and the Olympiads receive and it covers all the costs. The Committee of National Biology Olympiad in Finland consists of voluntary teachers of biology and the organizing scientists and students from the University of Helsinki, Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences of Faculty of Biosciences (

Ministry of Education gives money through The Finnish National Board of Education (FNBE) to BMOL, which is then in charge of all costs.

A student can take part in one science olympiad a year (organized by BMOL).

Some 60 to 150 schools (approximately 25%) take part in the National Competition, with around 1000 student participants each year (approximately 5%).
from from Mid of August to to End of May..
minimum less than 1, maximum 2,5.

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