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Greece (Hellas)

Greek Biology Olympiad

2004   (in Greek (Greece))

A document, that describes the procedure and the rules of the contest, is prepared by the Pan-Hellenic Association of Bio-Scientists (PEB).

After its approval, by the Greek Ministry of Education, the document is officially distributed to all Greek upper secondary education schools (Lycea) by the directorates of education.

The distribution usually takes place at the end of December or at the beginning of January.

The press is informed by PEB but usually do not respond.

Organizer of NBO: Pan-Hellenic Association of Bio-Scientists (PEB) under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Education.


Three rounds: 

1st round: mid-February, in schools appointed as examination centers by the directorates of education, all over Greece.

2nd round: mid-April, in one school in Athens, appointed by the organizing committee of NBO.

3rd round: first half of May, usually in the Biology Department, University of Athens.


Type of participating schools:

General or Technical Lycea (grades 9-12). Usually, only general lycea

students, of 11th and 12th grade, participate.

Theory: multiple choice (70-80%), essay (30-20%):  Rounds 1 & 2 (in schools).

Practical: lab work, recording and interpretation of data:  Round 3 (usually in the University).


An Examination Committee, consisted by University Professors and Secondary Education Teachers (rounds 1 and 2) and a University Professors group (round 3) are producing the tests.


Round 1: students have the test in schools, appointed as examination centers by the directorates of education, all over Greece.

Round 2: one school in Athens, appointed by the organizing committee of NBO.

Round 3: Biology Department, University of Athens.

The only training that the students have officially, is a 1-2 weeks (end of June - beginning of July) theoretical and practical training in the Biology department of the Athens University and in a Biological Research institution.

During the scholastic year, they study themselves (and in some cases colleagues from the secondary education may help them, unofficially). Estimated time: 2-3 hous/week, for 4 weeks.

The students (by themselves) could practice themselves by the old tests (but they usually do not practice with the old tests).

Nothing special.

They usually study the schools textbooks and, in some cases, special biology books.


We borrow to the finalists (after the end of their matriculation exams) the Campbell book.

Usually, no awards. Science book awarding occasionally.

The IBO medalists could have a free entrance in Universities (for Biology or Medicine studies).

Media are usually… absent.

Last year (when we had two medals) media involved (more or less, only to advertise the sponsor) and to inform people.

Usually, there are no sponsors.

Only last year, the Organization of Betting in Greece sponsored our team trip to Korea, as well as the fees (participation and membership).

Approval and distribution of the IBO document to schools.

Payment of flighing tickets.

The same rules that are applied for the school and matriculation examinations.

560 students from 262 schools, participated in 2010 NBO.

from 11th of September to 20th of May (lesons) - 15th of June exams.
minimum 2, maximum 4 (to 6, if selected).

Theodoros-Dimitrios OREINOS

SOLOMOU 36B street 17343 Aghios Dimitrios Athens, GREECE
Schools advisors-supervisors office, Directorate of secondary education, of East Athens.

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