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Greek National Biology Competition (Panellinios Diagonismos Biologias)

2004   (in Greek (Greece))


The information package (rules, poster,etc) is distributed through the Ministry of Education to every high-school of the country.


The information package and each announcement regarding the Olympiad is distributed through the email list of PEV. 

The email list includes Media and journalists.

The same information are available at the website of PEV, the Greek National Biology Competition and the social media of PEV. 

Facebook group 

Linkedin page 



Organizer of NBO: Pan-Hellenic Association of Bio-Scientists (PEV) under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Education.

The Olympiad is organised into two levels. The 11th and 12th Grade (K11-K12) students have a 3 round competition and can join the Greek National Delegation. The 10th Grade (K10) have 1 round and are not allowed to join the IBO.

Three rounds:

January-February: The 1st round is taking place at the same time at selected exam centers (mainly High-schools) appointed by the Ministry of Education. All Grades take this round, the exam papers are sent to the Organising Committee and the marking is carried out by Biology teachers of the O.C.  and volunteers Biology teachers. 

The students of Grade 10 with the 12 best marking gain a Merit and can use their mark next year to gain access to round 2.

March: The 2nd round is taking place for 11th-12th Grade students (40-50 students).  The students of 11th Grade with the 12 best markings take gain a pass for round 2 and can use it the same or the naxt year. It's centrally organised by the O.C. in a High School of Athens. 

April: The 3rd round is taking place for the 12 best students of the 2nd round in the facilities of Biology Department of National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. The evaluation of the students is made by the staff of the University. The best 4 students of round 3 consist the Greek Team for IBO. 

Type of participating schools:

General or Vocational High Schools (grades 10-12).


Round 1

Tests are different for each Grade. According to the curriculum of each Grade. Questions are selected by secondary Biology teachers (O.C. and volunteers). Checked by the Scientific Committee (University Professors). Close ended questions (85-90%) and open ended questions (15-10%).  

Round 2

Common test for everyone . According to the curriculum of Grade 12 and IBO (Campbell Biology). Questions are selected by secondary Biology teachers (O.C. and volunteers). Checked by the Scientific Committee (University Professors). Close ended questions (85-90%) and open ended questions (15-10%). 

Round 3
Laboratory exams that are designed according to IBO lab protocols by University Professors, with the cooperation of the Organising Committee. Lab skills are examined.

During NBO


No special training. In round 3 , where laboratory skills are tested, a mini training (2 hours) to some basic lab technics is offered, due to lack of lab exercises in the Greek curriculum 



Since 2013 a standard 2 weeks training camp for the 4 finalists is established, at the end of June and the first weeks of July. It concludes both theoritical lessons and lab training. It is held in the Biology Department of N.K.U.A. ( and the Biomedical Research Foundation Academy of Athens (. 
More than 20 university professors and researchers are enriching the theoritical knowledge of the students, based on the IBO curriculum, especially in the Biology areas that are poorly or zero covered at the Greek National Curriculum. 
A complete set of lab technics and protocols is carried out by the 4 finalists, based on IBO past lab exams, aiming to cover their lack of lab experience. 

Round 1: No special study material is used. Only the official textbooks of the Ministry of Education

Round 2: The official textbooks of the Ministry of Education and 2-3 chapters of Campell & Reece, "Biology" textbook (9th edition- Greek translation), in e-book form,  that are kindly offered for free by the Crete University Press (
Round 3: No special study material is used. Only lab protocol leaflets relative to the ones that are examined.
Pre IBO: A complete set of e-books from different areas of Biology and lab protocols leaflets are used for the training of the 4 members of the Greek Team of IBO. Past years IBO papers are also used for practice. 


The awards derive depending on the phase of the NBO.

Round 1

Grade 10: The first 12 students are awarded a certificate and are allowed to use their marking next year (on Grade 11) to pass to Round 2, of next year. 
Grade 11: The first 12 students are awarded a certificate and get a pass to Round 2, either of the same year or next year. The first 3 students are awarded a book.
Grade 12: The first 24 students are awarded a certificate and get a pass to Round 2. The first 3 students are awarded a book. 

Round 2

No special award, only some small presents (e.g. scientific calculator with the logo of NBO). The first 12 students pass to Round 3.

Round 3

The first 4 students constist the Greek Team of IBO. They are given the opportunity of the 2 weeks training and the educational material for that.
The rest 8 students are given the opportunity to have a 2 days lab training at the Department of Biology of N.K.U.A.
Medalists of the Greek IBO Team are awarded a free pass to University Departments of Life and Health Sciences.

The main information about the Greek National Biology Competition are published in some regional and national educational websites.


Since, the last few years the are significant accomplisments by the Greek Team of IBO, there is major coverage by the media, after the return of the delegation. TV and radio interviews in national and regional medias and articles and reports to newspapers and inetrnet medias. 
Each year the President of the Greek Republic and the Onassis Foundation organise a celebration ceremony for all the Olynpiad Teams (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, etc) were there is major media coverage. 
All the above are uploaded in the Youtube channel of PEV ( .

The Ministry of Education provides organisational assistance on the level of exam centers and information package distribution.
The main financial support (IBO annual fee, IBO delegation fee and airtickets) comes from the "Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation" (
Another sponsor is "The Science Support" S.A. ( , a Greek company that financially supports the Greek Team for the years 2018 and 2019.
Each year some smaller local companies sponsor the Greek Team with their products. They are selected from areas that the 4 finalists originate. The last 4 years the companies that have sponsored the Greek Team are:
  1. "Papayanis Bros" , Greek Halva Producers (
  2. "Bretas Olives", Food industry (
  3. ABEA - "Anatoli S.A.", Olive oil industry (
  4. "Kalliston S.A.", Cosmetics industry (
  5. " Koulos S.A.", Greek delights industry (

The Ministry of Education approves the National Greek Biology Competition and distributes the information package to every High School of the country.

Additionally it organises in cordination with PEV the exams centers for the NBO in each region of the country (Round 1) and provides facilities that are under its control (Schools and Universities) for the completion of the NBO (Round 2 and 3).

Prior to 2015 was the main financial supporter of the Greek Team.

The national rules are according to international agreements (IBO rules). They are published in the web address (in Greek)

Some of the main points are the age of the students, the content of the tests etc., published in the internet. Responsible is the Organising Committee of the NBO and the National Coordinator.

Statistics of participation


The statistics indicate a major increase the last 8 years both in the participation and the results of the Greek Delegation in IBO:

Year Total
Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12 IBO results
 2010 554 
228  326  2 bronze 
 2011  530 308  222 
 2012  1216  485 731  1 bronze
1 merit 
 2013  2319 775  707  837  2 bronze
2 merit 
 2014  2446 1143  560  743  1 merit
 2015  2832 1044 1117  671   1 bronze
 2016  3181 1222  1132  827  2 bronze
1 merit 
 2017  3062 1417  900  745  2 bronze
1 merit 
 2018  3613 1509  1135  969   


from 11th of September to 15th- 20th of June (exams).
minimum 2, maximum 4.

Asimakis Talamagas

Department of Primary Education, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens Navarinou 13A, Floor 4, Office 2, P.O. 10680, Athens
Pan-Hellenic Association of Bioscientists (PEV) Evrou 94-96, P.O. 11527, Ampelokipoi, Athens

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