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Iranian Biology Olympiad (IrBO)

1998   (in Persian)

Regularly The Young Scholars Club (Ministry of Education) sends an official circulation to all schools and press throughout the country every autumn.

The Young Scholars Club, an organization in the ministry of education, is the main and only organizer of 4 rounds of Iranian Biology Olympiad (IrBO) competition. In the first round exam (in February) includes 40-50 multiple choice questions; the second round (In April) includes 30-40 true/false questions; the third round includes many different kind of theoretical and practical questions from all biology fields. The result of the 3ed round is the selection of 8 students, who are the winners of IrBO gold medals and members of IrBO National Team. The final (4th) round is a procedure of selection of 4 national team members to represent the country in the International Biology Olympiad. The competition is country wide, and all Iranian students who are studying experimental sciences in one of Iranian schools, and have the average marks 16 out of 20 are permitted to participate in the competitions.

The tests are made by the National Scientific Committee of IrBO. The first round includes multiple choice questions, the second true/false questions, the 3ed and 4th rounds different kinds of theoretical questions and practical works. The first round is in the students' town or city, the second in the capital cities of the provinces, but the 3ed and 4th round in the country's capital city Tehran.

The Young Scholars Club organizes the training courses. University teachers, university students and the members of the National Committee are involved in the courses. The course for the final students does not exceed 14 days.

There are no special material developed for the students, but biology Campbel is always surveyed.

8 national gold medalists + 32 Silver and bronze medalists each year. The winners of 8 gold medals get exam-free entrance to universities.

Mainly The Young Scholars Club's website. Local and national TV, journals, newspapers, etc. may have interviews with the winners.

Fully supported by the ministry of education.

Fully supported by the ministry of education.

Competitors should study in the branch of "experimental Science" in secondary education in the current school year and students should have an average of 16 out of 20 in total school marks through their higher secondary courses.

about 20%

from Sept. 22nd to Jun. 20th.
minimum 4, maximum 4.

Dr. Mohammad Karamudini

The Young Scholars Club No. 8, Niloofar, Nelson Mandella (Africa) Blvd., Tehran, Iran
The Young Scholars Club No. 8, Niloofar, Nelson Mandella (Africa) Blvd., Tehran, Iran

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