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Iraq national biology Olympiad


The Ministry of education sends information dates of exams and rounds to local educational departments of regions and it is a responsibility of local departments to inform and promote their schools.

Ministry of Education 

Rounds: 3 rounds-

1st Round competition(December), 2nd Round exam(February), National exam in April than depends on the eligibility we have team selection Camp after national Exam.

All the schools and students can participate but statistics show that city schools are mostly involved and there are lots of  participating students who want to apply for medical science in the future.


Multiple choice tests.

1st round included 50 multiple choice test questions.

2nd round included 80 multiple choice test questions.

In team selection camp there are lectures and exams. Depends on the results we choose our team.

Students do the exams of previous IBOs


1-      Campbell Biology / Jane B. Reece [and five others].—Tenth edition, 2014, ISBN 10:0-321-77565-1; ISBN 13:978-0-321-77565-8 (Student Edition), Pearson Publishing


2-      Holt Modern Biology / Holt, Rinehart, Winston, 2009, ISBN-13: 978-0030367694, ISBN-10: 0030367697, Holt Publishing

For national Olympiad participation and achievement certificate and medals.

Fezalar Education Company is main supporter for Olympiad organization.

The main organizer in all cases is the Ministry of education.

For the 1st round (9th-10th-11th Grade in one exam)

Students will be eligible to participate for 2nd round who gets                                                                                                                                                                              

9th Grade: 60 points or more                                                                                               

10th Grade: 70 points or more                                                                                        

11th Grade: 80 points or more


2nd Round exam 

First 12 students will be eligible to participate for TEAM SELECTION CAMP.

Statistics will be provided.

from September to May.
minimum 4 hours, maximum 3 hours to 6 hours.

Mustafa Dogan

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