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Natural Science Olympiad (Olimpiadi delle Scienze Naturali)

2002 by the National Association of Natural Science Teacher   (in Italian)

Three different rounds and two categories and the following organization structure :

  1. School phase: the teachers organize one or two different school competitions depending on the attending school year of the participants. In Italy, high school is organized in a first two-year period and a second three-year period. The students’ competitions for the NBO are divided according this organization. The teacher group responsible for the training of the participants can use the materials downloaded from the web site of the National Association of Science Teacher (ANISN) The schools have a deadline (first week of April) to communicate the names of the 4 winners of the school competitions. The number of students participating can be between 2-5 per each class, according to schools..The first selection takes place at the students’ schools organized by the school team. Four students are selected on average from 50 students participant for each school. (on average 20 schools for each region).

  2. Regional phase: The regional competition takes place in the same day in all Italian regions, generally during the second week of April. The region coordinators are the responsible for this phase. For the students from  the first two-year school period, tests consist of 30 questions,  with an available time available of 80 min.
    For the students from the second three-year school period,  tests are made of 50 questions with an available time available of 100 min. Four (4)  students (2 for each category) for each region are selected for the national phase. The number of students per region per each category can be between 1-4 (1 from regions with less then 10 participating schools, 4 from regions with more then 40 participating schools). Each region can organize prizes according to regional sponsors.

  3. National phase : The National Competition takes place in the third week of May. The participants are the regional winners, plus 4 more students for each category, according to jury, that have had significantly high results during the regional competitions. The final winners are three (gold, silver and bronze medal) for each category.

From is possible to download all the tests of all the categories since 2002

It’s depends on from the organization of each participating school. Very often the students are trained thanks to specific school projects carried out by school teachers that organize the students in small groups. The training courses took place during the extracurricular school time.
(They take generally from 10 to 20 hours )

From of the National Association of Natural Science Teacher (ANISN) is possible to download all the materials of previous competitions.

There are different regional awarding depending from the local sponsor. The prizes for the three national winner (gold, silver,bronze medal ) are microscope or stereomicroscope.

By local newspapers and national scientific magazine

Some from the Minister of Education plus a fee of 50 euro from each participating schools

Financial support for the organization of the different phases.

Prizes for winners.

See description.

The statistic of 2007 NBO event :
  • 17.250 students
  • 690 teachers
  • 345 schools
  • 20 regions

School round 17.250

Regional round : 1.725

National round :
  • 80 students participants : 40 for each level
  • Winners : 3 for each level

 The statistic of 2006 NBO event :

  • 15.500 students
  • 620 teachers
  • 310 schools
  • 19 regions

School round 15.500

Regional round : 1.550 National round :
  • 80 students participants : 40 for each level
  • Winners : 3 for each level
from September to June.
minimum 2 hours/week, maximum 4 hours/week.

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