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Latvian State Biology Olympiad


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Guidelines for Olympiad is distributed to all schools on  September of each school year. This has been done by  Science, State Curriculum Center (IZM VISC) who contacts schools. Information about each year's olympiad is published in the Ministry of Education web page as well as in the home pages of Faculty of Biology, University of Latvia and the Teacher’s Association of Biology.

Ministry of Education and Science of Republic of Latvia is the organizer of Latvian National Biology olympiad. The tasks for Regional and State rounds are prepared by Jury committee of National Biology Olympiad, which is formed by Faculty of Biology, University of Latvia and Association of Biology teachers of Latvia. Olympiad is organized for pupils of four classes - 9, 10, 11 and 12.  Pupils of all schools/ gymnasiums can take part in the olympiad. 

Latvian National Biology olympiad is organized into 3 rounds: School Regional Olympiad and State Olympiad. Additional two competition rounds are organized to select participants for the International Biology Olympiad of respective year. 

School Biology Olympiad. Takes place in November in each school. Teachers of biology are responsible for theoretical and practical tasks of this round.

Regional Biology Olympiad. Takes place in the end of November/ first week of December. It is organised online. 

State Olympiad. Takes place in the end of January. It is organized in the Faculty of Biology, University of Latvia and lasts for 3 days. 

School Biology Olympiads are organized and prepared by school teachers or their local organizations.  In several regions teachers prepare this round together – give the same tasks for all schools. In many cases tasks from previous olympiads are used. Winners of this stage take part in Regional Biology Olympiad.

Jury of National Biology Olympiad prepares tasks for Regional and State Olympiad. Only theoretical tasks for Regional Olympiad are prepared, no practical tasks are involved in this level.

Regional round of Biology Olympiad is online. Pupils gather in certain schools (regional centers), log into the Olympiad’s homepage and solve the tasks; all answers are filled into online system, answers are evaluated automatically. More than 2400 pupils from classes 9-12 participate in regional round of Biology Olympiad.

The Jury of National Biology Olympiad selects in total of 150 best pupils from all classes and invites them to State Biology Olympiade (3rd round).

State Biology Olympiad is organized in the Faculty of Biology, University of Latvia, it contains both theorethical and practical tasks. On the first day students fill tests- both multiple choice and theoretical tasks, where extended answers or calculations or drawings as answers might be asked. Second day is devoted to 4 practical tasks.Students are divided randomly into 5 laboratory work groups which visits and does all four practical tasks one by one. No meeting with students from other groups or teachers is possible.

Even though students work in mixed groups - class 9 and 10 students do different tasks from pupils of class 11 and 12.  

Participant's works are evaluated by students of the Faculty of Biology, University of Latvia and students from other universities – previous participants of Biology Olympiads.

10 days in June. Mainly in laboratories of University of Latvia, under the supervision of University lecturers and researchers.

State approved school books for National Biology Olympiad and Cambpell’s Biology for IBO participants are the materials advised to pupils.

Books, medals and certificates are the awards of State Biology olympiad. The winners of class 11 and 12 get promotion for entrance to Faculty of Biology, University of Latvia.

All information about Olympiad is placed in Ministry of Education and Science webpage, as well as in webpage of Faculty of Biology, University of Latvia. Ussually, press release is prepared about the State Olympiad and Latvian team in IBO. These pres releases are disseminated through Ministry of Education and press center of University of Latvia. Regional media are keen to expose achievements of their pupils in Regional, State and International Biology Olympiads.

There are no "permanent" sponsors for Olympiad of Biology. Association of Biology students of Faculty of Latvia take active role in orgaisation of Sate Olympiad of Biology as volunteers.  Materials and technique, used in practical tasks, comes from Faculty of Biology. All printing expenses in the State Olympiad are covered by Faculty of Biology. 

Recently some support in the form of awards has been given by journal of popular science - "Ilustrated Science", Latvian Ornithological Society, Latvian Fund of Nature, L'Oreal Latvia. 


The Ministry of Education and Science is the official organizer of all Olympiads of the Latvia. It disseminates information about current year's Olympiad’s rules and times. It also prepares medals and diplomas for the winners. Some money from Ministry is allocated for the authors of tasks. Ministry of Education pays participation fee for the national IBO team.  

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Janis Liepins

Academic Center for Natural Sciences University of Latvia, Jelgavas str 1, Riga, LV-1004 Latvia

Ministry of Education and Science, Valnu str. 2 Rīga, LV-1050, Latvia

Pupils from almost all primary, secondary schools and gymnasiums participate in Regional round of Biology Olympiad.


May (June for class 9 and 12)

2 (most schools)

3 (in very few schools)
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