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Lëtzebuerger Biologiesolympiad

2015   (in French)

The organizers send an information package (leaflet, instructions…) to every public and privat secondary school.

Teachers receive an e-mail reminder, stating applications are open.

A press release is widely sent to journalists by e-mail.

The same information is available on the website

The national biology olympiad is organized in cooperation with the organizers of the olympiad for the french speaking part of Belgium.

Participation is individual, on a voluntary basis, the students do register themself on the website

Participation is for free.

  • January. The first round is held simultaneously in schools: teachers get the questions and the answers. Teachers mark the tests and send the results back to the organizers.
  • February. Some 20 - 40 students are selected and pass the second round. This test is carried in one secondary school in Luxembourg City. The organizers mark the tests. About 12 laureates are selected this way.
  • March / April / May. Those students get a limited training programme (see below: Student training).
  • May. The third round allows to determine the final ranking.
    The best 4 students will go to the IBO.

First round

Theory only; multiple choice questions

Second round

Theory only; mix of multiple choice and open questions

Third round

Theory; mostly open questions

Practical work: some simple activities

A special training (3 to 4 days) is held, for 12 finalists.

This training covers topics, which are not or poorly covered by standard school curricula.

It aims at preparing both the final exam and the IBO.

A specific syllabus is published concerning the first round

All students that were selected for the third round will be honored at the official award ceremony.

The awarded prizes are diplomas and some science (text)books.
No specific access to anything (University or so) is linked to NBO awards.

Organizer of the NBO is "Olympiades luxembourgeoises des sciences naturelles a.s.b.l."

This non profit organization is supported financially and logistically by:

- Ministère de l'Education Nationale, de l'Enfance et de la Jeunesse (Ministry of Education, childhood and youth)

- Fonds National de la Recherche (national research fund)

- University of Luxembourg

- Association des biologistes luxembourgeois (luxembourg association of biologistes)

The Ministry of Education grants money for running the Olympiad and is involved in some promotion.

Rules are published yearly (in French) in the information leaflet sent to schools & teachers.

Basically they define:

  • who is allowed to participate (class, age, compliance with IBO and EUSO rules);
  • how the Olympiad is set up and organized;
  • which national laureates are applicable for international competitions.
from September to July.
minimum 3, maximum 5.

Thierry Marx

Thierry Marx, Lycée Technique Ettelbruck 71, avenue Salentiny L-9080 Ettelbruck
Olympiades luxembourgeoises des sciences naturelles a.s.b.l. c/o Jeff Kohnen Rixegoard, 5 L-8353 Garnich

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