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Olimpiada Republicană la Biologie


Each year the Ministry of Education announces the National Biology Olympiad by sending the official letter to regional committees and schools. Also Ministry of Education displays all necessary information concerning the carrying out and the schedule of the Olympiad on the page of its website -

National Biology Olympiad is organized annually by the Ministry of Education, in cooperation with the Academy of Sciences of Moldova and universities – State University of Moldova, State University of Medicine and Pharmacy, State Agrarian University of Moldova, University of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova and other universities of Moldova.  National Biology Olympiad takes place in accordance with the schedule proposed by Ministry of Education and includes four rounds:

I - local round (in January of the current IBO year) - open competition among the students of IX-XII classes from schools;

II - regional/municipal round (in  February of the current IBO year) – competition among the local Olympics leaders and those who obtained the diplomas of I, II and III degree in the previous year.

III -  republican (national) round (in March of the current IBO year) - involves about 200 winners of the previous round and students who have earned  a I, II and III degree diplomas in the previous Olympiad.

IV round - the selection of 4 participants for International Biology Olympiad (in April of the current IBO year) takes place in  a qualification competition between the students who have obtained  diplomas of  I, II and III degree in the Republican Biology Olympiad (about 20-25 students).

To coordinate the National Olympiad the ministry approved annually an National Olympic Committee, consisting of 10 to 30 people, including university professors, secondary school  teachers, representatives of scientific societies. Olympic Committee President is elected annually among its members. The Committee is responsible for producing, compilation of the theoretical and practical tests and for their checking and score calculation. Vice-president of the Committee is a representative of the Ministry of Education and is responsible for all organizational questions.

School and regional competition: 

Biology Olympiad in the first two rounds takes place in 4 separate groups (students of the IX, X, XI and XII classes). Each class has its own set of theoretical tasks corresponding to the educational program.   It includes theoretical tests with single and multiple choice. 

 National competition: 

The National Olympiad competition takes place in 2 days: first day - theoretical tests in 4 separate groups (students of the IX, X, XI and XII classes) and second day - practical tests  (4 hours

each day). For IX class only theoretical test is provided.

Theoretical tests include single choice questions (Part A, 100 questions), multiple choice tests, true/false statements and matching questions (Part B, about 20 questions). All subjects of biology are proportionally covered. 

There are usually 4 practical tests: “Plant anatomy and physiology”, “Animal anatomy and physiology” , “Cell biology and genetics” and “Molecular biology and biochemistry”. Each task in its structure and complexity is close to the IBO practical test.

The tests for the competition for IBO  qualification includes true/false questions that have a structure and complexity similar to the IBO tests.

       The tests for National competition are producing by National Olympic Committee.

Students work with their secondary school teachers  in order to participate in the NBO.

There is a 2 week summer camp for the best 10 students – the winners of the IV round. The camp is organized by the Ministry of Education, takes place in the Universities and in the Academy of Sciences of Moldova and consists of theoretical lessons and practical work in laboratories.

School books and special biology literature.

The regional winners receive certificates. Best competitors in the national level are awarded with a sum of money  from Ministry of Education. Successful participants of the national round are accepted in several universities without entrance exam.

All students - winners of different international knowledge competitions - are honored in an official meeting organized by the Ministry of Education in December.

National Biology Olympiad is promoted in press and TV.

Major financial support comes from Ministry of Education, covering main part of NBO budget.

from 1 September to 31 May.
minimum 1, maximum 3.

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