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National Contest in Knowledge

NBO is established 44 years ago. Examination Centre of Montenegro organized last 5 NBOs.   (in English)

Through Examination Centre's website and communication with schools


Ispitni centar Crne Gore (Examination Centre of Montenegro

One round - Secondary school students

Written test. The tests are produced by the University.

The training is basically organized at school and at home.

University textbooks (Campbell, etc.)

Certificates, tablet computer, Examination centre covers all costs for IBO.

Through the websites of the Ministry of Education and Examination Centre of Montenegro, local newspapers...etc.  

Examination Centre pays all costs for IBO for the best students at the National Biology Olympiad.

Ministry of Education organizes the awarding ceremony and provides the prizes.

There are no special rules except those laid down in the General Rules for National Contest in Knowledge.

from September to June.
minimum 2, maximum 6.

Stana-Sanja Kaludjerovic

Ispitni centar Crne Gore Vaka Djurovica bb 81000 Podgorica Montenegro
Ispitni centar Crne Gore (Examination Centre of Montenegro) Vaka Djurovica bb 81000 Podgorica Montenegro
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