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Nigerian National Biology Olympiad

2006   (in English)

The Teachers, Students, Schools are informed about the Nigerian National Biology Olympiad by their different State facilitators. Nigeria has 36 States and the Federal Capital Territory. In each State, the National Mathematical Centre has a facilitator who publicise the Olympiads and they work in hand with the various State Ministry of Education. The National Mathematical Centre also publicise this on our website:

The National Mathematical Centre is the main organizer of all the Olympiads in Nigeria (except International Junior Science Olympiad)including the Nigerian National Biology Olympiad.

There are Three rounds;

First round - November - January of the Next year

Second round - January/February - March

Third round - March - April

The Schools involved are as follows;

(a) The Federal Unity Secondary Schools

(b) State Owned Secondary Schools

(c) Mission Secondary Schools

(d) Private / Individually Owned Secondary Schools  

Final round/ selection

Top 30 students are camped at the National Mathematical Centre. they are trained and then given Olympiad standard tests to select the best four students.

The selected students are camped at the National Mathematical Centre Abuja for a period of 4-6 weeks. Colleagues in the University are also asked to give access to selected students resident in their locality, in their laboratories

Standard Secondary School text books viz:

(1) Biological Science  1,2& 3rd Edition by D.J Taylor; N.P.O Green &G.W Stout. Cambridge University Press.

(2) Science Teacher's Association of Nigeria Biology (Vol 1- 3) for Senior Secondary School. HEBN publisher plc.

(3) Advanced Biology by Micheal Kent. Oxford Univeristy Press.

(4) Biology (8th Edition) by Campbell Reece et al. Pearson International Edition.

(5) Practical Skills in Biology (fourth Edition) by Allan Jones, Rob Reed, Jonathan Weyers. Pearson Education.

(6) REA's Problem Solvers: BIOLOGY; GENETICS. Research Education Association. 61 Ethel Road West, Piscata way, New Jersey.

(7) Past Questions and Answers in International Biology Olympiad, IBO.

The award is organized at the National level. Award categories are at the level of three rounds.

(1) First round : 1st - 3rd positions per State are awarded Certificates, books

                           4th - 10th positions are awarded only certificates

(2) Second round: Overall best is awarded a laptop & University admission.

                              Top 30 are qualified for training and certificates.

(3) Third round : Top 4 identified- Awarded 1 laptop each and guaranteed University admission.


(4) Winners of medals at International Biology Olympiads

  (a) Gold- Scholarship to any top 3 University in the world.

  (b) Silver - Scholarship to any top 5 University in the world.

  (c) Bronze - University admission & Scholarship 

  (d) Participation - Scholarship to any Nigerian University

National Mathematical Centre, Abuja - Organization/funding/lectures/Study materials.

The Federal Ministry of Education - Funding / Prices (awards) / Scholarships.

Research Institutes - Lectures/ Study materials/ Practicals.

The percentage of schools/students participating in the last 5 years in the Nigerian National Biology Olympiad range from 10 - 20 % 

from September to June/July.
minimum 4 hours per week, maximum 5 hours per week.

Professor Jonathan Ajisafe Ogidi

National Mathematical Centre, P.m.b 118, Abuja. Nigeria.
National Mathematical Centre,Abuja. Kaduna-Lokoja Road, Sheda-Kwali p.m.b 118. Abuja. Nigeria
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