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We collaborate with the other Olympiads (Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics and Informatics) to inform the high schools about the Olympiads.
An email is send out to the headmaster of each high school.

We also inform about Biologi-OL through social media and emails directly to biology-teachers. 

Information is also available on our website.

The Department of Biosciences, University of Oslo, is the main organizer of NBO.
NBO consists of three rounds arranged on different dates through the school year.
A biology teacher on each participating school acts as a contact person for the representative school,
and is responsible for carrying out the two first rounds of the Olympiad.  
The third round is held at the Department of Bioscience at University of Oslo.

It is free for students and schools to participate in NBO.

1st round: The schools chose one day in week 40-42, 2016
2nd round: 23. January 2017
3rd round: 7 April 2016

Where the tests consist of:
1st round: Multiple choice

2nd round: Multiple choice
3rd round: Multiple Choice and practicals


A group consisting of NBO organizers and scientific staff at the Deparment of Biosciences (IBV), University of Oslo, make all exam questions.
All high school students in Norway may participate in the first round. The 50-100 best from round 1 will participate in round 2.
The 16 best from round 2 will be invited to IBV for a 4 days training camp before the final round is held in the end of those days.

The 15 best students will get a 4 days training camp at the University of Oslo based on theoretical syllabus of the IBO.

Also, some institutions arrange a 2-3 days training camp to prepare students for round 2.

The 4 winning students will get a 2-3 days practical training camp before going to IBO.



At the moment we does not have specific study material for NBO.
However we recommend that students read former IBO exams, high-school textbooks (Bios1 and 2 or BI1 and BI2),
 and University textbooks such as Campbell Biology.

The award prizes are diplomas.
The winning students will get a free trip to IBO.

No specific access to University is linked to NBO.

We are hoping on getting media coverage from newspapers, the University homepage and social media.
We collaborate with the communication advisor at the Department of Biosciences to get media coverage. Local newspapers are eager to publish articles about the students going to the Norwegian and the international finals.

Department of Biosciences, University of Oslo;
*  Organization of the NBO  
*  Teaching

The Research Council of Norway
* Financially support

We are hoping to get some private investors to sponsor lab equipment for student training and textbooks for theoretical learning and awards.


 Campbell biology textboks to the 16 finalists were in 2015 sponsored by Pearson

The Research Council of Norway;
* Financially support

Vilde Olsson

Blindernveien 31 0316 OSLO

Institue of biosciences University of Oslo Postboks 1066 Blindern 0316 Oslo

2015/2016: 63 of total 430 schools are participating, 575 students participated




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