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Polish Biology Olympiad

1970   (in Polish)


KGOB (the main organizing committee) sends information via email, and also publish on its website.



· The main organizer: KGOB (the main organizing committee) and 16 local committees.


· We have three rounds: in schools, at local level and final (national level).


· In schools: March-October, local level: January, final (national level): April.


· The host of the final round is KGOB.



  1. In round 1 (in schools) student prepares poster about his small scientific project, conducted unassisted but under her/his teacher’s supervision. This poster is revised by the teacher and by the scientists from the local committee.

  2. In round 2 (local level) we use test with approx. 100 questions (multiple choice, type A and B);

  3. In round 3 (national level) we have test, similar to that used in round 2, plus identification of national flora and fauna, plus an oral exam (concerning poster from a small project, the identification of microscopic preparations, and a short oral presentation).


· KGOB produces the tests for rounds 2 and 3.


· Round 1 is organized in schools, , round 2 at local universities, round 3, at Warsaw University.



In preparing for NBO and IBO students do extra study and receive extra training. Below is our estimate how many days extra training and study students have:


At home: individually with teacher;


At school: individually with teacher;


At special training camp: no;


Bio summer camp: no;


University: before IBO, usually 4 or 5 days at the university.



High school textbooks,


University textbooks (Campbell, etc.),


Syllabus of lecturers, tests (from former IBO’s and NBO’s).



Medals and certificates, free entrance to university, science books,


Microscope and books for schools.




Financial suport is from Ministry of Education, local universities, Warsaw University, textbook editors.


Ministry of education organizes open procedurę to find a organization which can organise olimpiad during next three years. Winning organisation prepares rules of biology (or any ither) olimpiad, which are accepted by Ministry. For every 3-years period, Ministry has an contract with this certain organisation. Fortunatelly, KGOB is a winner in this procedure.


Approx. 2500 participants in relation to 960.000 high school students gives approx. 0,3%.


from september to june.
minimum 3, maximum 5.

Magda Sobolewska

Faculty of Biology, Warsaw Univeristy, ul. Miecznikowa 1 02-096 Warsaw Poland
KGOB (the main organizing committee) ul. Miecznikowa 1 02-096 Warsaw Poland
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