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National Biology Olympiad

1970   (in Romanian)

At the beginning of each school year the schools, the biology teachers and the students are informed about the data and the way of the development of the National Biology Olympiad.

Information is transmitted by the biology inspector from Ministry of Education through County School Inspectorates using official letters and the website of the ministry.


The Biology Inspector from the Ministry of Education is the coordinator of the National Biology Olympiad.

The main organizer of the National Biology Olympiad is the Ministry of Education. Together with the County School Inspectorates, the Ministry of Education organizes the 4 rounds of the National Olympiad:

1 - school Olympiad, which takes place in December, the year before

2 - local Olympiad, in January 

3 - county, in March 

4 - national, in April.

At the first round, any student from any public or private school can attend the Olympiad. In the final round, organized alternately by one of the County School Inspectorates, participate the students who won the county stage.



The tests for each round are elaborated as follows:

Rounds 1-3: theoretical tests (multiple choice),

Round 4: two tests: a) theoretical test (grouped choice, multiple choice and problems)

                                 b) practical test (after fulfilling a practical task students must answer to multiple or                                            grouped choice type questions)

The tests for rounds 1-2 are elaborated by County School Inspectorates, and for rounds 3-4 by a National Commission, appointed by the Ministry of Education and composed of school teachers and university professors.

Round 1 takes place in every school, rounds 2-3 are merged in schools established by the County Inspectorates and the final round in one school or university. 

The Rules of the National Biology Olympiad do not stipulate a training period. Each school organizes its own training program for the students participating in the Olympiad. 

There is only a two week period for training and selection of the students participating in IBO, organized in one of the main universities in Romania.
The old test are available for the students in printed form.

The study materials available for students are :

- a special NBO syllabus

- high school text books

- university textbooks (including Campbell)

- tests from former NBO. 

Ministry of Education offers diploma, scholarships for the students participating in IBO and free entrance to university for the IBO winners.

County Inspectorates provide the medals and seek sponsors for prices (money or objects). 

Usually, the local media (newspapers, local TV) inform people about the NBO and only occasionally national TV or journals promote the event.

The main institution that provides financial support is the Ministry of Education.

In the final round, NBO is sponsored by local authorities (Prefecture, Town Hall), Universities and Private Institutions.

Between 5-10% students participated over the years to NBO.

from September to June.
minimum 1, maximum 2.

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