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South Africa

South African Life Sciences Olympiad

1997   (in English)

Invitation letters posted to schools and also on website - in January and up to March
* Indicate what kind of stuff (letters, posters, leaflets, brochures, etc) are used to promote participation in NBO
Letters, brochures, website
* Who is sending this information?
South African Science Olympiad and Department of Science and Technology

* Which institution is the main organizer?
South African Science Olympiad
* How many rounds do you have?
Three – First, Final and International Selection Round
* When is the 1st, 2nd, 3rd,... round?
First in March and Final in August and Selection March (next Year)
* Which institution is the host of the final round?
Final and Selection Rounds in School.

* Which institution or group is producing the tests for round 1, round 2,..etc?
Examination Panels made up of Teachers, Lecturers and Subject Advisors
* Where do students take the test of round 1, round 2, round 3, etc e.g. school, university, biology camp, etc.)?

In preparing for NBO and IBO student do extra study and receive extra training. Estimate how many days extra training + study the students have: Very difficult to assess
* At home:                 10 Hours
* At school:                 5 hours
* At special training camp:         nil
* Bio summer camp:             nil
* University:                 5 hours
* somewhere else:             5 hours

Use of Textbook (Campbell)

Revision questions from past papers and practice rounds.
Revision booklets compiled from past question papers.

Past IBO questions

Certificates of Merit (80%+) and Achievement ( 60 to 79%)
Trophies and figurines at National Awards Function
Additional points awarded by Universities to Top performers in National Olympiads

Publicity limited to local newspapers
Publication by Teachers Newspaper
No TV coverage

Department of Science and Technology sponsor some (limited)

All others enter voluntarily by payment

Students or schools pay to participate

Department of Science and Technology (some funds)


Individuals /students

Kit sponsored

All students are allowed to enter the final round

First round is free (web-based) and is not a qualification round

5 to 10 %

from January to December.
minimum 3, maximum 4.

S. Naidoo (Robin)

P.O. Box 2611, The Reeds, 0158
National Science Olympiad
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