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Syrian Arab Republic

National Biology Olympiad of Syria (NBOS)


it represents the Syrian Arab republic flag colors

Arabic (Syria)

·   Teachers, students, schools, press were informed in January 2013 about NBO by sending letters to all schools of the ministry of education, youth organization in all provinces and through TV, Radio, Newspapers.


· Letters and posters were used to promote participation in NBO


· This information was sent by the national commission for the Syrian Science Olympiad to all schools in the 14 provinces in Syria

· The national commission for the Syrian Science Olympiad is the main organizer of the NBO.


· In our first experimental NBO we had 3 rounds but starting from this year we are planning to have 4 rounds .


· The 1st round at school level to select 5 students from each school between October to November, 2nd round at district levels to select 5 students from each district in December, 3rd round at provincial levels to select the 1st and 2nd student from each province (28 students) and complete the number to 60 by adding the best students in the 3rd round from all provinces together, the 4th and last round at national level held in Damascus in March to select the national Olympic team consist of 10 students.

 The competition will be held on several stages;


1- First stage: schools level

2- Second stage: regions level

3- Third stage: districts level

4- Fourth stage: country level



. We have in round 1, round 2, round, 3 multiple choice tests in different categories and round 4 consist of theoretical and practical test.


· The tests produced by the central scientific committee (professors).



In preparing for NBO and IBO student do extra study and receive extra training.


The extra days training + study the students have are:


At home: 52 days

At school: 20 days

Summer training forum at university: 25 days

Somewhere else: 5 to 10 days

Special materials are developed or available for students helping them to score better in the National rounds or to prepare for the IBO are high school biology textbooks, special designed NBO syllabus derived from the IBO syllabus, Campbell, syllabus of lecturers, web based courses, tests (former IBO’s and NBO’s).

Award and prices offered NBO-winners are Gold-, Silver and Bronze Medals for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd national winner and certificates and gifts for the other 7 members of the national team.


In addition to that winners receive money in a value of 150,000 Syrian pound for the 1st winner, and 125,000 Syrian pound for the 2nd winner and 100,000 Syrian pound for the 3rd winner.

National satellite, Education and normal TV channels, Radio, Newspapers are involved to inform people, schools, students about the biology Olympiad procedures, results of students, medals at IBO.


· Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Communication and Technology, High College for applied Sciences and technology, National Atomic Commission,general organization of remote sensing


· They offer ( lectures, study materials and professors)

 The National Commission for the Syrian Science Olympiad is a NGO ( NON GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATION ) that takes the main financial support form other NGOS in addition to a limited financial support from the ministry of education and ministry of higher education plus business men and some family contributions


. the Ministry participates in the Olympiad committee ( organizational side )

. the Ministry participates in the Olympiad scientific committee ( scientific side)

-        -  The participant should be a registered student  in one of  Syrian Arab republic schools ( private or public schools) in the first secondary schools

-      -    The participant should be creative and distinguished who can act and interact in the era of one of these sciences / Mathematics – Physics – Chemistry - Biology and Informatics /

-       -   The participant has to have the ability of analytical thinking, and has the capabilities of self-learning

      -   the only criteria for winning in the all rounds is the degree




Hala Al Dakkak

Damascus – Syria- East Al Mazzeh - Trablus Al Gharb

Distinction and Creativity Agency Tel: 00963 11 61134185, 00963 969999919 Fax: 00963 11 6114867

84 % of schools participated in the last year experimental NBO.



80 hours biology classes common for the students going for the NBO

160 hours biology courses and classes common for the students going for the NBO.
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