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Rupublic of Tajikistan Biology Olympiad (TBO)


There is no special poster, letter or brochures for TBO promotion. 


Official letters to schools

Tajikistan Biology Olympiad Committee, three round.

Theoretical written tests and multiple choose test

In the support of their own teachers in their school

Tajikistan High school Biology books (from 7 to 11 classes), Russian High School Biology books, Campbell Biology Book (8th Edition) in colleges

After the 3rd level selection, the top 4 students are awarded with a certificate from Education Ministry  and Tajikistan universities take this certificate as a preferential criterion at the admission to universities.

Schedule of olympiad eliminations are announced in public newspaper of education ministry also written letters are sent to school administrations. Medals in national biology olympiad and IBO are advertised on national TV. 

Ministry of Education supports the National Biology Olympiad activities.

Ministry of Education is the main sponsor of National Biology Olympiad . Center of Development of Talents which is subordinated under Ministry of Education is organizing National Biology Olympiads.  

Students of grades 11 are preferable but 9 and 10 grades also may participate in primary and secondary selection of national biology olympiad. If 9 and 10 grades get first 4 places, they are not awarded but they have right to be in IBO team.

Husnu Yaman

Karamov street 101 Dushanbe/Tajikistan

Internationl Presidential School

Approximately 48000 students were participated first round.  1200 students deserved to participate in second round. 74 students who are winner of 2nd round participated in 3rd round.




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