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National Biology Olympiad



Turkish Scientific and Research Council (TUBITAK) send an announcement to inform the date and rules of  National Biology Olympiad exam to the secondary schools through  National Education Directorates.  An original announcement is given by TUBITAK.

TUBITAK, which is the main organizer, appoints the Biology Olympiad Committee. The Biology Olympiad Committee prepare 3 rounds of exam procedure.

Round 1 – open exam: two one hour multiple choice test taken in schools in May and June 50 students are selected

Round 2 –semifinal exam:  one and half hours multiple true/false choice test taken in summer camp, students are selected between 31th January to  11th March.

Round 3: National Finals – multiple choice test taken at Gazi University 


Questions are multiple choice. The top 4 students are selected for the national team and are invited to Ankara for 1 week of training (mostly in April).



Multiple choice test in round 1,2 and 3

Turkish Biology Olympiad Committee is providing the tests for all rounds.

Students take the test 1 is national wide at selected schools, test 2 in Ankara and test 3 at Gazi University, Ankara

The students make the test round : selected schools

2nd round: TOBB University, Ankara

3th round: Gazi University, Ankara

Two times courses; each of them is of one week. At special training camp (hotels in Antalya)  and Practical training held at Gazi University

Study materials are only the textbooks. Such as

Campell and Reece Biology, Life, Taizz  and Zeiger Plant  Physiology,  Raven et al, Principle of Biochemistry, Lenineger

The students competed against each other in second round. Then they awarded with Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals.

If they receive a medal in IBO, they have right to register to the state university without examination.

No media coverage

Turkish  Research and Technical Council (TUBITAK) is the only sponsore. 

TUBITAK pay the living expenses, transporation of the students and they also pay the lecturers.

There is no support from Ministry of Education

Students must be among the top 50 in the exam.

Year     Number of students                   schools

2010   2047                                         mostly private science high schools (more than 90%)

2011    2676

2112    2617

2013    3309


2014    2270

2015    1007

2016    1079 

2018     800              mostly government schools


from September .
minimum 8, maximum 14.

Leyla Açık

Gazi University, Science Faculty, Department of Biology, Teknikokullar, 06500, Ankara, Turkey
Gazi University, Science Faculty, Department of Biology, Teknikokullar, 06500, Ankara, Turkey
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