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UAE (United Arab Emirates)

Emirates B O (EBO)

2002   (in Arabic)

ministry of educational print a book contain all Olympiad  include Emirates  Biology Olympiad ( EBO) . Include all role . we have  10  educational zone in United Arab  Emirates , each zone send the EBO activity to school , and the school make advertise  by different media available for each  school.

Ministry Of Education organize the EBO in each educational zone in secondary school from  G 10  G11 G12 . 1 st round in second week from February 2009 . 2 nd round in last week from February .

3rd round in second week from march .

Those  students go to biology camp in  end week day . from April    to end of June , this student take training in biology subject by biology advisor .

in first of July make 4rd round to chose 4 student participate in IBO Korea 2010.

Multiple choice test, practical test  producing from biology section in ministry of education.

students make the tests at school.

Ministry of educational  organized the training.

First  training in school about 2 week in 1st round , 2 nd round 2 week ,

3 rd round 3 month . some training in school and last training in biology camp include some practice with old tests.

High school text books and  special designed EBO (NBO).  former IBO,s EBO,s  tests.

Award is medals and certificates ( 2 gold , 2 silver , 2 bronze ) sometimes give money  for first winner (270 US dollar).

by different media available for each  school . results of  students \ school coverage in newspaper .

There is no sponsoring at now  but we hope .

The financial support from ministry of education .


All students in secondary school can participate in EBO ( NBO ) and each of school  candidates 2 student in 1 st round .

There is no special rules do apply . all students can participate .  

from september to june.
minimum 3 hours\ week M, maximum 5 hours.

khalid abdullah Dawood

UAE dubai mobile : 00971506455332 pobox: 10551 email:
ministry of education department of activity .
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