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·      VBO announcement is released in February every year by The Department of Exam, Ministry of Education and Training

·      Ministry of Education and Training will inform to all secondary and high schools in Vietnam about the VBO in November.

.      The Prime Minister approved that Hanoi National University of Education will be the host of IBO-2016

.      IBO-2016 Logo competition had announced to all Education Departments of Vietnam and also on Public media. Five hundred 500 logos were collected and the best one was awarded in August 2014.

. Workshop on how to make a standard question for International Biology Olympiad was organised on 28-30th August, 2014 at Hanoi National University of Education. There were more than 120 participants including lecturers, biologist from different universities and institutes, high school teachers in biology, officers from Ministry of Education and Training

. The official website the the 27th IBO: The 27th International Biology Olympiad - IBO 2016



·     Department of Education Testing and Accreditation is responsible in organizing VBO

·     There are 3 rounds of VBO team selection.

·     First round is at province level in November (mostly theoretical tests),  thousands of students attend

·     Second round at is in March (National level - mainly theoretical test), the  400-600 best student of the first round (there were 470 student participated in 2014-2015 school year).

·     Third round  is the round of 4 best student selection from the 28-32 best student of the 2nd round. This is normally take place in April. Since 2012, the last round has been organised at Hanoi National University of Education. In the third round, the practical exams were set into 4 labs as it is at IBO.

·     Theoretical (multi-choice and writing) and practical tests (for the second and third rounds).

·     Questions/tests are from lecturers, teachers and selected by a committee (the committee members are decided by Ministry of Education and Training and it is not exactly the same from year to year).

Especially for VBO and IBO students do extra study and receive extra training. Estimate and fill out how many days extra training / study.

The four best students will do an extra study and receive extra training as follows:

at home

100 days

at school

0 Days

special training camp

0 Days

Bio summer camp

4 days

University's labs

10 days


What kind of special materials are used or developed and available for students in order to help them to score better in the National rounds or to prepare for the IBO. Put a tick in the appropriate boxes.

High school textbooks


Special designed VBO syllabus


University textbooks (Campbell 8th edition-translated version, etc)


Syllabus of lecturers


Web based courses


Tests (former IBO’s and VBO’s)




The students who won prizes in the Vietnam Biological Olympiad will get awards as below:


Medals and certificates


  • Students who got prizes in the second round will get priorities to enter universities (relating to biological science and technology) by getting additional grade. The amount of additional grade depends upon the kind of medals (gold, silver or bronze).
  • Students who participate IBO will get free entrance to any university (biological relating universities) or get scholarship to study abroad.






Scientific books


PC, DVD player, camera, microscope








Information of VBO and IBO participants, results ect... is spread in different media such as National Television channels (VTV1, VTV2…), newspapers (online or printed such as …).

More information about IBO2015, IBO2016 is available at The 27th International Biology Olympiad - IBO 2016



Hanoi National University of Education support labs facilities, staffs...

Ministry of Education

Supports all students, juries and observers to join IBO

Pays for regular member/delegation fees

Provincial Department of Education

Support high school teachers

Pays for teaching materials

 Some institute, companies

Support teaching materials such as computers, books...

  • Ministry of Education is responsible for organising National Biological Olympiad at different rounds and financial support.
  • Supports all students, jury and observers to join IBO
  • Pays for regular member fees

Being students at a regular high/secondary school

Follows IBO rules





Number of schools

Number of students
















Which % of all general sec. education schools in the country was participating in 2015?

All secondary and high schools participate at different levels but about 400 students from different schools (70-100 schools) participate the second round of VBO. (estimated number 0,3%)

from September to May.
minimum 2 hours/week, maximum 4 hours.

Assoc. Dr. Mai Sy Tuan

Hanoi National University of Education Faculty of Biology 136 Xuan Thuy, Cau Giay, Hanoi, Vietnam
Faculty of Biology Hanoi National University of Education
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