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• IBO Association Membership fee

The IBO Association receives a yearly membership fee from each member (country). Not paying the membership fee means no participation in the competition.

The fee amount is 300 EUR (check the corresponding value in other currencies here).
It should be sent on request from the IBO Office. Banking expenses related to money transfer shall be paid by the sender.

Payee's name: International Biology Olympiad e.V.
Payment reference: IBO membership fee 20XX + country name
If you use the IBAN system
DE51 2105 0170 1002 8053 21
    BIC (Swift Code): NOLADE21KIE
If you do not use the IBAN system
    Account number: 1002805321
    Bank name:
    Bank address:
Lorentzendamm 28-30
24103 KIEL


Banking and currency conversion fees
Any bank expenses and charges are to be covered by each IBO member. If the member’s bank does not allow for these expenses to be covered from the member’s side in the transfer form, please send a total of € 320.00 (three hundred and twenty Euros).


• Host Country Participation Fee

A participation fee is paid to the host country organizing the next IBO competition.
This amount is specified on the relevant web pages: see Next IBOs.


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