Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is, similar to a government, the IBO executive body that enacts IBO’s rules and guidelines. It represents the IBO association legally and manages its daily affairs.

The Steering Committee members illustrate the diversity of this worldwide competition.

Ryoichi Matsuda

Chairperson | Send an email

Ryoichi is (a professor emeritus at the University of Tokyo and) a professor at the Tokyo University of Science, Japan, where he researches molecular mechanisms behind muscular dystrophy. As IBO’s chairperson, his main jobs are moderating discussions in our community, negotiating difficult issues and – most importantly – keeping everyone happy!

Lenka Libusová

Vice-Chairperson| Send an email

Lenka is a cell biologist. Her main professional interest focuses on cytoskeleton and vesicular trafficking. She is a group leader at the Faculty of Science, Charles University (Prague, Czech Republic). Lenka experienced IBO as a participant, jury member, head of IBO Coordinating Centre and, since 2017, also as a member of Steering Committee.

Roel Baars

Secretary|Send an email

Roel holds a PhD in physical chemistry and works as lecturer at Inholland University of Applied Sciences / Netherlands. He has participated in multiple IBOs as a Jury member, has contributed substantially to IBO's transition towards an international association and has worked as an NBO coordinator for team Netherlands since 2012.

Dennis Kappei

Treasurer | Send an email

Dennis (former IBO contestant!) is an assistant professor at the National University of Singapore. His research focuses on methods to quantify non-coding DNA and associated proteins. As treasurer, Dennis supervises our finances, but he has also delivered countless impulses to IBO’s broader developments in the last years.

Gérard Cobut

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Gérard is a zoologist by training and a retired exhibition developer from the Museum of Natural Sciences in Brussels, Belgium. He has been working with IBO since the 1990s, has co-chaired IBO 2001 in Belgium and has substantially coined IBO’s external representation.

José Matos

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José is a molecular biologist at the National Institute for Agrarian and Veterinarian Research in Portugal, as well as the president of the Portugal’s major association of biologists. José is not only contributing to the IBO SC, but also currently busy preparing for IBO 2021, which he will be hosting in his home town, Lisbon!