„National Biology Olympiad of Armenia“


Contact data

Country coordinator

Dr. Gayane Ghukasyan

Hosting institution

Yerevan State University
1, Alek Manukyan, Faculty of Biology
0025, Yerevan


Appointing institution

The Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of the Republic of Armenia

Organization & structure

The main organizer is Physics and Mathematics Specialized School named after A. Shahinyan.

There are 4 rounds.

1st round: December

2nd round: at the end of January or in the beginning of February

3rd round: March

4th round: April

The host of the final round is Physics and Mathematics Specialized School named after A. Shahinyan.

Number of students in first round

Usually 6500-7000 students.

In 2020: 3500 students.


Round 1: Multiple choice questions

Round 2: Multiple choice and matching questions

Round 3: Multiple choice questions and practical

Round 4: Multiple choice questions

The tests are produced by the jury.

The students took the test of

round 1: local school

round 2: regional school

round 3: Yerevan High School No. 118 after A. Yerznkyan or TUMO Center for Creative Technologies

round 4: Yerevan High School No. 118 after A. Yerznkyan


2 weeks each semester

Study materials

School textbooks

Awards & prizes

After the 2nd round students get some gifts from Municipality, particularly books.

After the 3rd round students get money (about 10$ per month for 1 year)


Type of students

9-12 grades

School year


Biology hours/week

2-4 per week

Hours of Classes/week

2-4 per week

Public Relations


In November schools get the schedule for the year.

Promotion contact

The Ministry sends the information, and it is also published on website.

Statistics over the years
  • 2021: 3796 students from 1096 schools (90.9% of eligible schools)
  • 2020: 6290 students from 1029 schools (77.9% of eligible schools)
  • 2019: 6007 students from 1001 schools (76.4% of eligible schools)


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