„Australian Biology Olympiad“


Contact data

Country coordinators

Dr Julie Anne Cooke
Vrinda Sahni

Hosting institution

Australian Science Innovations
60 Mills Road, Oliphant Building #60
2601, Canberra
ACT, Australia


Appointing institution

Australian Science Innovations (ASI) is Australia’s premier provider of innovative and challenging science programs, competitions and residential camps for high achievers including the Australian Science Olympiads.

Organization & structure

Australian Science Innovations hosts the the Australian Science Olympiad Exams for students to sit in their school during late July and early August of each year. Schools are required to register their students. The top 24 eligible students are invited to a residential program - the Australian Science Olympiad summer school, held in the following January.

Number of students in first round

Registration numbers for the Australian Science Olympiad - Biology are around the 2,000 mark and growing each year.


Round 1. Students sit one, multiple choice answer exam in their school.

Round 2. The four International Biology Olympiad team members to represent Australia is selected from a cohort of (up to) 24 students who attend the Australian Science Olympiad summer school.


Australian Science Innovations does not provide any training for students to sit the Australian Science Olympiad exam for biology.

Students who are selected for the Australian Science Olympiad summer school attend a residential camp of 11 days.

Study materials

Australian Science Innovations has a website Olympiads Online

Students can take themselves through guided quizzes.

Individual schools may run training programs withing their school, but this is done completely independent of Australian Science Innovations.

Awards & prizes



Type of students

Australian Science Innovations recommends participation in the Australian Science Olympiad exams for students in yrs 10 & 11. Students in yr 12 are able to sit, but will be ineligible for selection as they will have enrolled in University by the time of the Australian Science Olympiad summer school.

School year

Australian school year commences in January / February (depending on the state or territory) and ends in December.

Biology hours/week

This is unknown to Australian Science Innovations.

Hours of Classes/week

This is unknown to Australian Science Innovations.