„Olympiade de Biologie“

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Country coordinator

Gérard Cobut

Hosting institution

Association des professeurs de biologie - PROBIO asbl
Rue Vautier 29
1000, Bruxelles


Appointing institution

Association des professeurs de Biologie - PROBIO asbl

Rue Vautier 29 – 1000 Bruxelles – Belgium

Organization & structure

The Biology Teachers association (PROBIO asbl) is the main organizer. It can also count on various Teachers, Universities and Professors.


We have 3 rounds of tests. Questions are written by a small group of volunteers brought together for this purpose (former teachers, professors, Olympiad managers...). This is done in co-operation with the Luxembourg Biology Olympiad (mix of physical meeting and video-conference).

First round (in schools)

  • Theory only; multiple choice questions

Second round

    Theory only; mix of multiple choice and open questions

Third round

    Theory: mostly open questions

    Practical work: some simple activities


For 10-15 finalists (K-12):

  • two 3-days training camps in March/April
  • one 2-days camp, together with the Luxembourg finalists (in Luxembourg)

For the 2 finalists who will go for IBO:

  • 2-3 days camp either in May, either in July, just before departing to IBO (when applicable)
Study materials

A specific syllabus is published for the 1st. round (based on the main official curriculum). See (in French).

Teachers can buy the complete set of questions from the previous National Olympiads (starting 1991, on

Recommended study material is:

  • Content of the Theoretical Part of IBO;
  • Content of the Practical Part of IBO;
  • previous IBO theoretical questions.

We're currently developing a web-based educational platform devoted to Bio Olympiad learning/training.


School year

Begin: September 1st

End: June 30

Biology hours/week

Minimum: 1 hour/week

Maximum: 2 hours/week

Some schools may add some extra biology lessons during the school year, but this only adds small fractions of biology hours/week (absolute max. 2,3 hours/week)

Hours of Classes/week

32 hours/week