„National Biology Olympiad“

  • Established since: 1975
  • Website: n/a
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Contact data

Country coordinator

Ph.D. Albena Jordanova

Hosting institution

Ministry of Education and Science
blvd. Knyaz Dondukov 2A
1000, Sofia


Appointing institution

Ministry of Education and Science

blvd. Knyaz Dondukov 2A

Sofia, 1000



Organization & structure

Three rounds – School, Regional and National Rounds, which are then followed by a Selection tour for the IBO. According to National Competition Regulations, the top 120 participants selected from the Regional round compete in the National round of the olympiad. Selection tour is held among the top 10 participants from the National Olympiad to select the four students for participation in the IBO.

Number of students in first round

Circa 10 000 students.


Mainly multiple choice questions and practical exams


Two-week theory and practice at Sofia University

Study materials

Lectures and textbooks (i.e. Campbell)

Awards & prizes

The laureates from the National round are admitted without exams in Universities with major in Biology, Molecular Biology, Medicine, etc.


Type of students

All students between 7th and 12th grade

School year

September - June

Biology hours/week

4 - 8 hours/week

Hours of Classes/week

35 - 40 classes/week

Public Relations


Information, letters and posters on the websites of the Ministry of Education and Science and the Regional Departments of Education

Promotion contact

The Ministry Chief Expert on Biology education

Media coverage

Bulgarian local and national TV channels, newspapers, MediaBricks.bg


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