• Established since: 1999
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Contact data

Country coordinator

M.Sc. Lars Wehrle

Hosting institution

Hochschulstrasse 6
3012, Bern
Bern, Switzerland


Appointing institution

State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation


Organization & structure

The biology.olympiad.ch is an association under the Swiss law and organizes the national competition.

The first round is held usually in August.

The second round is held usually in February.

The third round is held by the association at the university of Bern, usually in April.

Number of students in first round



All exams are prepared by the association biology.olympiad.ch.

The first round is held in biology classes at highscool and is a pure multiple choice test.

The second round is held by the association itself and is a pure multiple choice test as well.

The third round is held at the university of Bern and comprises multiple practical exams with embedded theory questions.


The winners of the first round are offered the participation in a preparation week. The winners of the second round receive material to study at home for about two days.

Winners of the third round (i.e. the IBO-team) get trained for about seven days by members of the association. They are expected to study for about five days at home.

Study materials

Winners of the first round receive a cutom textbook from the association. Additional material is taken from textbooks. In the training of the IBO-team, former IBO exams are used.

Awards & prizes

Awards only offered in the third round. The first four receive a gold medal and symbolic prize, representing the country of the upcoming IBO. Places five to eight receive a silver medal and a textbook. Places nine to twelve receive a bronze medal.


Type of students

The same rules as for the IBO apply.

School year


Biology hours/week


Hours of Classes/week


Public Relations


Teachers are sent a letter with the first round and additional information about the NBO.

Promotion contact


Media coverage

Successful participants in the IBO are sometimes portrayed in local newspapers and radio.


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