„China National Biology Olympiad (CNBO)“


Contact data

Country coordinator

Haoran Zheng

Hosting institution

China Association for Science and Technology
NO.3 Fuxing Road
100863, Beijing
Beijing, China


Appointing institution

China Association for Science and Technology

Organization & structure

The Committee for China National Biology Olympiad (CCNBO) is the main organizer. We have two or three rounds of contests, depending on different provinces. Chongqing Bashu Middle School was the host supervised by CCNBO of the final round last year.

Number of students in first round

40861 students participated in the round 1 selection last year.


Theoretical tests were provided in rounds 1 and 2, including single and multiple choice tests. Both theoretical and practical tests were provided in round 3. The provincial committee of Biology Olympiad produced the tests for round 1, while CCNBO produced the tests for rounds 2 and 3.


In preparing for NBO, on extra training was provided officially, but the students may study at home or a university. In preparing IBO, students usually receive 7-day training officially provided by a university coordinated by CCNBO.

Study materials

No special materials were provided officially by CCNBO for NBO tests, but some materials from former IBOs tests officially released from IBO were provided for the students to practice for IBO tests.

Awards & prizes

Three classes of award were offered to NBO winners, which were gold, silver and bronze medals and certificates. But no money was offered from CCNBO. Fifty gold winners were offered with admission into top universities.


Type of students

Students at grades 10 and 11 from high schools were  eligible to participate in the NBO.

School year

September and January are the starts and ends months of a standard school year.