„Olimpiada Colombiana de Biologia OCB“

  • Established since: 2017
  • Website: Official website
  • Website language: Spanish (Colombia)

Contact data

Country coordinator

Elena Patricia Losada Falk

Hosting institution

Universidad Antonio Narino
cll 58a # 37 -94
111321, Bogota
DC, Colombia


Appointing institution

Olimpiadas Colombianas

Cra 38 # 58a - 77

Organization & structure

Olimpiadas Colombianas

Three rounds. First round 13/05/2021. Second round 16/09/2021 Final round 26-30/10/2021

Universidad Antonio Narino provides the venue for the final round


1st round - 20 multiple choice questions

2nd round - 10 open questions

3rd round - two days of training, on the third day a theoretical test with three long open questions is done and on the fourth day an experimental test is done


Training takes place in January for two weeks Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm with an hour and a half hour lunch break. On Saturdays they are have to present a test from 9am to 12pm. Students receive workshops weekly that gives an idea as to which students are committed to the process. Final training is right before the IBO and the length of that training depends on the amount of students available.

Awards & prizes

The first three places get medals, prizes and a diploma. The following high scores receive diplomas and the rest of the students receive certificates of participation


Type of students

Students from the last three years of school participate.

School year



Biology hours/week

Two hours a week

Hours of Classes/week


Public Relations


Massive emails with the poster and information of the NBO are sent to all the schools in the data base provided by the Ministry of Education. The Colombian Olympiads website is constantly promoting each Olympiad when the date of the first round is close.

Promotion contact


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