„Cyprus Biology Olympiad“


Contact data

Country coordinator

MSc Constantinos Groutides

Hosting institution

Cyprus Biological Society
Kimonos and Thoukydidou Corner, 207A
1434, Nicosia
Nicosia, Cyprus


Appointing institution

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth

Organization & structure

Two rounds of examination tests taking place on February and April respectively. Students that achieve a score of 70% and over are eligible to be part of the second round examination test. Students obtaining the four highest scores are selected to represent Cyprus during the IBO contest.

Number of students in first round

Approximately 600 students.


Two tests with 50 multiple choice questions each according to Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth ' s curriculum.


One week training on several subjects, both theoretical and practical at several institutions in Cyprus.

Study materials

Textbooks licensed and released by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth mostly.

Awards & prizes

Medals and certificates according to the obtaining scores.


Type of students

All type of students between 4th and 6th grade of approved High Schools by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth.

School year

From September to June.

Biology hours/week

Four hours per week.

Hours of Classes/week

Four hours per week.

Public Relations


Information and letters both on Ministry ' s and Cyprus Biological Society 's websites. In addition letters as an open call to the competition are sent to all legal registered High Schools.

Promotion contact

Cyprus Biological Society and Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport.

Statistics over the years

Almost every public High School and most of private ones are participated every year, with a number of up to 600 students from all over the country.

Media coverage

National and local media.


The logos of both Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth and Cyprus Biological Society are used for letters and examination papers.