Contact data

Country coordinator

Kirsten Wøldike

Hosting institution

Foreningen af Danske Biologer
Co. Kirsten Wøldike

Sevelskovbyvej 20
7830, Vinderup


Appointing institution

Danish Biology Olympiad, Foreningen af Danske Biologer

Co. Kirsten Wøldike

Organization & structure

Danish Biology Olympiad

4 Rounds: 1. November, 2. January, 3. April. 4. May

Host of the Final Round: University of Southern Denmark, SDU, Odense

Number of students in first round

2400 students


Round 1: Theoretical test in the schools (Multiple Choice and T/F) - by the NBO Steering Committee

Round 2: Semifinal (1 teoretical and 2 practicals) - University of Aarhus

Round 3: Final 1: 2 Practical tests - University of Southern Denmark

Round 4: Final 2: Theoretical test - NBO Steering Committee


Training camps:

Finalists: 1 day at University of Copenhagen, 3 days at Mærsk McKinney Videncenter, 2 days by former IBO participants

Winners: 1 day at Technical University Denmark, 1 day at University of Copenhagen, 2 days training by members of the steering committee

Study materials

Campbell: Biology.

High school textbook.

Tests (former IBOs and NBOs)

Awards & prizes

Diplomas, Campbells Biology and a highschool textbook


Type of students

Students of Danish high schools (STX and HTX)

School year

August - June

Biology hours/week

75 - 400 hours in all during the 3 years in high school

Public Relations


Letters, e-mails, websites, leaflets, Facebook

Promotion contact

The NBO steering committee

Media coverage

Mostly local newspapers


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