„Estonian Biology Olympiad (Eesti Bioloogiaolümpiaad - EBO)“


Contact data

Country coordinator

MSc Sulev Kuuse

Hosting institution

Tartu Ülikool
Ülikooli 18
50090, Tartu
Tartu maakond, Estonia


Organization & structure

Institute of Molecular and Ceel Biology of University of Tartu

Four rounds:

1st - at the end of school-year (Nov, Dec in secondary schools over the Estonia);

2nd at the end of January in district centres (Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu etc)

3rd at the beginning on June at the University of Tartu - final competition

Final round (4th) for choosing students to the IBO will be held at the Inst of Mol & Cell Biol (Uinversity of Tartu) at the beginning of June

Number of students in first round

About 400 students


1st - written test at the schools

2nd - written test at the main centres of Estonia (questions are prepared for EBO jury)

3rd - 2 days competition; one day 4 practical coarses, second day 2 rounds of theoretical questions (prepared by EBO jury

4rd - selection from 10 until 15 people (1 week training) and after that theoretical test (preapred bu EBO jury)


The extra stydy will be only at the 4th round

Study materials

In national rounds the main work is doing by students and by teachers. Only the last step the EBO jury will be teach students

Awards & prizes

On the 3rd round University and our sponsors and our Institue have prizes for students (books, memory sticks etc, no money).


Type of students

Secondary school students fom 10th until 12th classis

School year

Starts from September and ends on May

Biology hours/week

It depends from the school - common secondary schools - 2 hours per week

Special (biology or technology or...) schools - 6 - 10 hours per week

Hours of Classes/week

Ca 40 hours/week

Public Relations


Information will be on the web and also brochures, newspapers etc

Promotion contact

EBO jury

Statistics over the years
  • 2021: 607 students from 56 schools (31% of eligible schools)
  • 2020: 350 students from 30 schools (10% of eligible schools)
Media coverage

Its covered at the level of Educational system and also local community system - newspapers, schools, univerities on the several level


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