„Olimpiada Española de Biología“


Contact data

Country coordinator

Dr. Javier Fernández-Portal Díaz del Río

Hosting institution

Asociación Olimpiada Española de Biología

Departamento de Biología. UPGC. Edificio ciencias básicas. Campus Tarife.
NIF: G35869502

35017, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria


Appointing institution

Ministerio de Educación y Formación Profesional.

Organization & structure

The Olympiad is organized by the Asociación Olimpiada Española de Biología, under the support of the Ministry of education.

We have a regional round and a national round.

Number of students in first round

The first round is held separately in each of the Spanish regions (Comunidades Autónomas). Altogether the number of students that participate is estimated around 20000.


There is a theoretical test of around 50 to 100 questions, and in some regions like Madrid, Cataluña or Valencia, there is also a practical one.

In the national round there are 2 theory papers and 4 practical.


The 8 winners get a 5 days preparatory course at some Spanish university.

Study materials

They get an exam of a past IBO, and receive some classes prepared by university professors.

Awards & prizes

They get a medal and some economic reward. Some universities also offer them free fees in the first year.


Type of students

Students that finish the baccalaureate the present year.

Biology hours/week

3 to 5.

Public Relations


There is a webpage. And in every region the promotion works in a different way.

Media coverage

There is media coverage specially in regions but it is very difficult to appear in the news in national newspapers or in main cities.


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