„Olympiades Françaises de Biologie“


Contact data

Country coordinator

Gaetan Jougla

Hosting institution

Olympiades Françaises de Biologie
27 rue de la solidarité


Appointing institution

DGESCO Direction Générale de l'Enseignement Scolaire - Éducation nationale - services publics généraux, 107 r Grenelle, 75007 Paris

Organization & structure

The national biology olympiad is organized by the association Olympiades Françaises de Biologie and the ministry of education. Two test are organized during the year. One test contain 4 rounds and is a team project. The second test is an indicidual test which is done by multiple choicee questions.

Number of students in first round



Two tests are organized. 

The first is a practical team project. A team of 3 or 4 students must create a practical project to answer a scientific question. They must then create a video of their work. The best videos are elected in each school then in each academy (region). To conclude a national ceremony is held in the engeneering school of Purpan in Toulouse to elect the best video and the best project of the year.

The second round is more theoretical and individual. The students have to answer many high level scientific questions with documents during two hours.

The results of both exams are combinated to select tue delegation.


There are resources on the association's website to prepare for the competitions but also contacts of laboratories to help students in their projects.

Awards & prizes

we offer a certification of participation or victory in the Olympics, books but also various goodies (teeshirt, pens, caps ...)


Type of students

All students of hich school

School year

The school year begins at the beginning of September and ends at the end of June.

Biology hours/week

It depends on the student. It is beetween 1 and 6 hours a week.

Hours of Classes/week

Students have approximately 25 hours of classes per week.

Public Relations


Teachers and students are informed during september by mail or posters in the schools.

Promotion contact

the information is given by the academic representative of olympiad.

Statistics over the years
  • 2021: 1500 students from 0 schools (0% of eligible schools)

It is a the beginning and it is increasing.

Media coverage

Locals newspapers and schools spread information on the results.


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The poster is sent to every high schools.