United Kingdom

„British Biology Olympiad“

United Kingdom

Contact data

Country coordinator

Dr. Andrew Treharne

Hosting institution

UK Biology Competitions
1 Naoroji Street, Royal Society of Biology
WC1X 0GB, London
United Kingdom


Organization & structure

Committee of volunteers supported by staff at Warwick University (hosts of the national finals) and administrative support from the Royal Society of Biology.

Number of students in first round

Approximately 9000.


Online exam in January.


Three days of training and testing 16 students at the national finals.

Approximately one week of training just prior to the IBO. Often involves Kew Gardens and the Natural History Museum.

Study materials


Awards & prizes

Certificates awarded to Gold, Silver, Bronze, Highly Commended and Commended.


Type of students

Any students in the UK and abroad. Only students who have studied for at least two years at a school in the UK are eligible for team selection.

School year

September to July.

Biology hours/week

5 to 6 hours.

Public Relations


Social media and mailing lists of former participating schools.

Media coverage

There are sometimes stories published in regional newspapers about the success of individual schools.