„National Biology Olympic of Israel“


Contact data

Country coordinator

Dr. Yair Pozniak

Hosting institution

Tel Aviv University
Klauzner, P.O. Box 39040
Ramat Aviv
6997801, Tel Aviv


Appointing institution

Tel Aviv University

Organization & structure

The INBO is organized by Tel Aviv University in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Israel Science Team and Maimonides Fund. We have 3 qualifying rounds and a final. Round 1 takes place in schools throughout Israel. Round 2 takes place in four academic centers (located in different geographical places). Round 3 takes place in Tel Aviv University. The Final (INBO) is a 2-day competition taking place in Tel Aviv University.

Number of students in first round



All test are produced by Tel Aviv University. Round 1 is composed of 25 multiple choice questions covering multiple subjects. It is performed in schools throughout Israel as an online exam. Round 2, performed in 4 acaedmic centers, is 40 questions, some of which are multiple choice and some are true/false statements, based on pre-given syllabus and natural biological thinking. Round 3, in Tel Aviv University, includes 2 exams: 1st exam is based on a pre-given syllabus (25 true/false) and 2nd exam is based upon short scientific lectures heard for the first time that day, and also include 25 true/false quetsions. INBO is in the olympic format.


The students competing in the INBO train approx. 22 days in a group format in the University. Aside form that, they are expected to constantly learn at home. The IBO national team trains for 14 days before the IBO.

Study materials

The students are given university/highschool textbooks and book chapters, and will probably be granted access also to Camplbell's biology book. In addition, we offer them the basic courses of the biology B.Sc program in the Tel Aviv University which are available online for university students. We also employ a team of question-writing staff.

Awards & prizes

The winners of the NBO will be granted a perfect score (100) in the biology matriculation exam in addition to medals and certificates. They will also recieve a scholarship for BSc studies in Biology in Tel Aviv University.


Type of students

High School students grades 10 through 12.

School year

September 1st - June 20th.

Biology hours/week

between 2 and 7 hours / week.

Hours of Classes/week

On average, 55 hours of school / week.

Public Relations


We set out with advertising the INBO during September, about a month prior to the first qualification round. Biology teachers throughout Israel were notified via emails and brochures, and were notified of the dedicated website in the MOE (a dedicated INBO website is underway). During October, a national meeting of biology teachers including several hundred teachers is informed in detail about the qualification proceccess and are encouraged to enroll their students to the competition. We use leaflets and brochures for teachers to spread to their students and excite them about the INBO.

Promotion contact

Tel Aviv University.

Statistics over the years

No statistics yet as this is Israel's first participation.

Media coverage

Tel Aviv University PR department, local newspapers and TV channels from the participants' home towns, national publications by Israel Science Teams.


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