„Iraq national biology Olympiad“


Contact data

Country coordinator

Yeşim Fidan

Hosting institution

150 m Street,, Building K/Floor 2
Mamostayan City
44001, Erbil
Erbil, Iraq


Appointing institution

Iraq National Biology Olympiad (INBO).

Organization & structure

Stirling Education Company is the main organizer of the Iraq National Biology Olympiad. In our National Biology Olympiad, we are trying to perform 3 rounds. Generally, 1st round takes place in December, 2nd round in February, while the last round is organized in April. In this year because of the pandemic these dates a bit different last round will take place at the end of May.

1st and 2nd rounds are taking place at the state level while in the last round is all of the selected students from the previous rounds are coming together in a central state to be members of the Iraq IBO team.

The last round venue will be Ronaki Hawler College in Erbil.

Number of students in first round

In normal situations more than thousand of students are participating our 1st round. Because of pandemic this number reduced to its half. 1st round of our National Biology Olympiad has 530 students in this year.


All of our National level exams are organized with multiple-choice questions. All exams are happening in a special college at the state level, the last round takes place in a central state by the participating of all state-level winners.


When we select the country team all the selected students are having a compulsory camp program. This program is having theoretical and practical preparation for our country team members.

Generally, university academic members are arranged to give lectures to our team students. Also, practical lessons are done in our partner University's laboratories in the presence of experienced academic members.

Study materials

Our students are using the following documents to prepare for National exams.

-Prepared National Biology exam book according to the NBO syllabus.

-Some high school textbooks like Modern Biology.

-Some experienced lecturer syllabus, and videos.

-Our laboratories facilities for the practical parts.

-Past IBOs and NBOs questions.

Awards & prizes

All of the participated students in National Biology Olympiad are getting certificates either participation or certificate of achievement according to their success.

Also, some special gifts are given with those certificates to participated students.


Logo of Iraq national biology Olympiad [JPG, 123.9 KB] Download Poster of Iraq national biology Olympiad [JPG, 67.3 KB] Download Leaflet of Iraq national biology Olympiad [JPG, 244.2 KB] Download
Description of attached files:

The attached files are some examples of our national exams' posters and leaflets.

The first attachment is our national olympiad logo. In Iraq, all olympiads are trying to put under this organization.