„Liechtensteinische Biologie Olympiade“


Contact data

Country coordinator

Lorenz Widmer

Hosting institution

Swiss Biology Olympiad
Universität Bern

Hochschulstrasse 6
3012, Bern


Appointing institution

Schulamt Liechtenstein

Austrasse 79

Postfach 684

9490 Vaduz

Organization & structure

Liechtensteinian Students enter the Swiss Biology Olympiad Competition, as the country is too small and does not have the resources to organise own olympiad. They are ranked separately. Selection consists of a theoretical first round(September) in local schools, followed by a second theoretical exam (February)in 4 locations and a third round with practical exams (April).

Number of students in first round

~ 100


round 1: multiple choice, 60 questions, at middle schools;

round 2: multiple choice, 90 questions, at 4 separate locations;

round3: ~15 practical tests and written theory examination, in Bern;

all rounds produced and organised by swiss biology olympiad


6 days in joint camp with 80 students, together with switzerland;

~4 days independent team training after selection

~4 days team training, often with german and swiss delegation

Study materials

There is a collection of scripts developped by volunteers of the swiss biology olympiad provided to winners of the first round.

Awards & prizes

There are medals and certificates


Type of students

all secondary level school students

School year


Biology hours/week


Hours of Classes/week