„Lëtzebuerger Biologiesolympiad“


Contact data

Country coordinator

Thierry Marx

Hosting institution

OLSN (olympiades luxembourgeoise des Sciences Naturelles, a.s.b.l.)
Rixegoard, 5
8353, Garnich


Appointing institution

Ministère de l'Education Nationale, de l'Enfance et de la Jeunesse

33, Rives de Clausen

L-2165 Luxembourg

Organization & structure

The "Olympiades Luxembourgeoises de sciences naturelles a.s.b.l." is coordinating national Olympiades in biology, chemistry, physics and natural science (website, flyer, and sponsorship). Each section has its own organising committee and working groups responsible for setting up the tests.

In order to prepare the questions, there is a cooperation with the organizing committee of the Belgian Olympiad.

Participating to the the NBO is free of charge and teachers can register an entire class or students can register individually.

There are 3 rounds: round 1 in December - January, round 2 in March and the final round in April - May.

Number of students in first round

300 - 400


Round 1: multiple choice questions (about 40-50 questions)

round 2: multiple choice, true-false and open questions (about 1/3 of each, 40-50 questions)

round 3: theoretical test (with multiple choice, true-false and open questions, about 50 questions) and practical test (2-3 subject, duration 3 hours).


Between the 2nd and the final round, the finalists can take part in a 2-day training. Participation is entirely voluntary and takes place outside of school hours.

The 4 best students who represent Luxembourg at the IBO receive an additional training of 3-4 days. The duration and focus of this training depends on the willingness of the teacher in question.

Study materials

No specific study material is made available to the students.

Awards & prizes

All finalists receive certificates and prizes in the form of science books or other gifts (hoody or t-shirt, cups, magnets, ...). The prices depend on the placement of the students, so that the best placed students get the bigger prices (especially more books).


Type of students

Students from classes 3e to 1ère

School year

15th September - 15th July

Biology hours/week

0 - 4

Some schools offer their students a biology option (2 hours per week maximum for one semester).

Hours of Classes/week

30-32 lessons (50 minutes per lesson)

Public Relations


The information (posters, flyers, letters and mails) about the 3 Olympiads (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) will be sent to schools at the end of October and beginning of November.

Promotion contact

Ministère de l'Education Nationale, de l'Enfance et de la Jeunesse.

Statistics over the years
  • 2020: 406 students from 20 schools (0% of eligible schools)
  • 2019: 335 students from 21 schools (0% of eligible schools)
  • 2018: 410 students from 20 schools (0% of eligible schools)
  • 2017: 273 students from 19 schools (0% of eligible schools)
  • 2016: 199 students from 17 schools (0% of eligible schools)
  • 2015: 251 students from 17 schools (0% of eligible schools)
Media coverage

Newspaper have published the results of the IBO every year.


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