North Macedonia

„North Macedonia“

North Macedonia

Contact data

Country coordinator

M.Sc. Elena Rafailovska

Hosting institution

Macedonian Biological Society (MBD)
Arhimedova str., 3
1000, Skopje
North Macedonia


Appointing institution

Macedonian Biological Society (MBD)

Organization & structure

The Macedonian Biological starts recruiting high school students in September. Schools can register for the competition (online, on our website) until 1st of January. 

Out of 101 schools in our country (public and private) approximately 80 schools are taking place in the competition. We conduct 3 rounds of examinations selecting the best students for the National Olympiad.

The 1st round:  Municipal Biology competition.

The 2nd round: Regional Biology competition.

 The 3rd round: National Biology competition.

  • NBO round 1
  • NBO round 2
Number of students in first round

The 1st round-taken by approximately 1000 students (from the registered schools) in February /March.

The 2nd round-taken by approximately 500 students (the best 50% from the first round) in March/April.

The 3rd round-taken by approximately 100 students (the best from the second round) in April/May.

  • NBO round 1-taken by approximately 16 students (the best from the 3rd round-Biology competition)
  • NBO round 2-taken by approximately 8 students (the best 50% from the first round-NBO) in this round we select the best 4 students witch will participate at the IBO.

The 1st round- theory test (mostly multiple choice questions)

The 2nd round-  theory test (mostly problem solving questions)

The 3rd round-theory test (problem solving questions)

NBO round 1-theory test (problem solving questions)

NBO round 2-theory test (problem solving questions) + practical

The first two rounds from the Biology competition take place in the registered schools and is managed by the high-school teachers and members of the Macedonian Biological Society.

The National Biology competition and the National Olympiad is taking place at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics "Ss Cyril and Methodius" University.

We have been organizing these types of competitions starting from 2013 up to date.


Students undergo training at the Institute of Biology at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics 

"Ss Cyril and Methodius" University.

Study materials

high school textbooks,

university textbooks

tests (former IBOs and NBOs)

Awards & prizes

Students are awarded certificates


Type of students

All high school students from public and private schools in the country.

School year


Biology hours/week

Varies per school and year, between 1 and 3 hours per week

Hours of Classes/week

Typically 30 hours/week

Public Relations


Promotions via email to professors and students

Promotion contact

Macedonian Biological Society

Media coverage

There is no media coverage


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