„Nigerian National Biology Olympiad“


Contact data

Country coordinator

Prof. Jonathan Ajisafe Ogidi

Hosting institution

National Mathematical Centre, Kwali-sheda, Abuja
Kwali - 904105
904105, Abuja
Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nigeria


Appointing institution

Federal Ministry of Education, Abuja

National Mathematical Centre, Abuja

Organization & structure

Main Organizer is the National Mathematical Centre, Abuja

1st round is conducted in October, 2nd round is conducted in January, 3rd round is conducted in March and the Final round is conducted in Late March/April.

Number of students in first round

2000 Students from across the country participate in the NBO.


1st and 2nd round- Multiple choice. Tests are taken in the various states.

3rd round- True/false. Exams are taken in the National Mathematical Centre, Abuja. Final round- True/false. Students are camped and taught in the Centre for 1-2 weeks. Examination is then administered and finalist selected. Lecturers in the National Mathematical Centre produce the test/examination questions and answers.


Finalist for the IBO competition are camped and trained for a month preceding the main IBO competition.

Study materials

Past IBO questions and answers, Study notes developed by lecturers in different fields of study,

Awards & prizes

Students who qualify are given medals and certificates


Type of students

Secondary school students in Senior Secondary 1, 2 & 3

School year

A standard school year

Starts- September

Ends - July

Hours of Classes/week

6 hours a day with breaks in between (9am - 4pm)

30 hours a week. Monday - Friday

Public Relations


The centre has a state facilitator for each state in the federation that promotes the examination in the various states with the aids of letters.

Promotion contact

Head, Olympiad Unit draft the letters to be sent to the various states.

Media coverage

Radio stations in some states help spread information concerning the Examination.