„Polish Biology Olympiad“


Contact data

Country coordinator

Piotr Bębas

Hosting institution

Polish Copernicus Society of Naturalists
Podwale 1, 2
31-118, Kraków


Appointing institution

Generał Committee of the Polish Biology Olympiad


Organization & structure

There are 3 rounds of the national competition. The last stage is the competition held at the Faculty of Biology, University of Warsaw. This competition includes four practical exams, practical exam, and a defence of the research project prepared by students.

Number of students in first round



Round 1 and 2 are solely theoretical exams. However, all students qualified to the 2nd round should undergo own research project. A the 3rd stage, there are four practical exams, practical exam, and an oral defence of the research project prepared by students.


Participants of the 3rd stage have approximately 16 hours of additional training before practical exams are held. Students participating in IBO have 5-day-long practical training before they travel to the venue.

Study materials

We have our YouTube channel, where we publish video tutorials for self-training.


Awards & prizes

Laureates and finalists (students with 50%< points of the 3rd stage exams) receive medals, certificates, and 100% points of maturity diploma (biology) which is also used as an entrance exam for universities in Poland. Some institutions (i.e. medical universities) have their own regulations for accepting students with particular title (for example laureates) as faculty students.


Type of students

All high school students are welcomed to participate in the competition.

School year